Graduate Program Applications

Contact information for applying to graduate programs at CISM institutions is listed below. Prospective applicants may also wish to contact the individuals listed, who are involved in CISM research at each institution. They would be more then happy to discuss their research with you as well as help you with your future plans.

CISM Institution Department CISM Faculty Advisor or Contact Admissions
Alabama AMU Department of Physics Amy Winebarger Alabama AMU Physics Graduate Admissions
Dartmouth College Physics Department Mary Hudson Physics and Astronomy Graduate Admissions
Dartmouth College Engineering William Lotko Engineering School Admissions
Boston University Astronomy Department Jeffrey Hughes Boston University Graduate Admissions
University of Texas at Arlington Physics Department Ramon Lopez University of Texas at Arlington Graduate Admissions
University of Californa at Berkley Physics Department Space Science Laboratory Janet Luhmann

Physics Graduate Admissions Information
Stanford University Department of Physics Philip H. Scherrer Yang Liu Stanford University Graduate Admissions
Rice University Department of Physics and Astronomy,
Space Physics
Anthony Chan Graduate Studies at Rice
University of Colorado Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP) Daniel Baker University of Colorado Graduate Admissions Information
Center for Integrated Space Weather Modeling // 725 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA
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