The Center for Integrated Space Weather Modeling is committed to increasing the diversity of participants in space weather research at all levels. CISM's goal is involve historically underrepresented minorities and women in space weather research in numbers that are significant with respect to the current participation by such groups.

To meet our goal we establish objectives in two areas: Recruitment and Retention, and Space Science Program Development at Alabama A&M University (AAMU).

Recruitment and Retention

  • A "Space Weather Weekend" workshop, advertised at minority-serving institutions where students might not otherwise be aware of opportunities in the field.
  • CISM will inventory programs devoted to minority and women student recruitment (and retention) at CISM institutions and determine ways in which CISM can participate in and contribute to such programs.
  • CISM will ensure that 40% of the students recruited to the Summer School and the CISM undergraduate research program are women and/or minority. The CISM undergraduate research program will set a target of recruiting 7 minority graduate students into CISM graduate programs over the next five years.
  • CISM woman or minority graduate students will participate in the annual CISM graduate student retreat.
  • Stipends and tuition remission for minority students who are US citizens or permanent residents and who are recruited to do space weather research and who are accepted to a CISM graduate school.
  • Participation in the STC-wide partnership with GEM to recruit graduate students to CISM institutions.

Space Science Program Development at AAMU

CISM is supporting the establishment of a viable space science program at Alabama A&M University, a leading producer African-American physics degrees, with the following goals:

  • New degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels.
  • Two new faculty in space physics.
  • AAMU students engaged in CISM research involving other CISM institutions in a mentoring/support role.
  • CISM-sponsored colloquia with outside speakers at AAMU.
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