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In order to main communications across the ten CISM sites, we have installed Access Grid nodes at the institutions that did not already have them.  Access Grid nodes are based on a technology developed at Argonne National Laboratories, and permit room to room video conferencing (as opposed to the more common person to person method).  This allows meetings to be held that can include the entire CISM community.  Our monthly science meetings have reached up to eleven sites and well over fifty people.  (Sites are easy to count, but not all attendees are necessarily on camera.)

We are currently running Insors hardware and software: local documentation can be found here. We were previously running the original AG software, and the page containing that information is here.

CISM Access Grid Nodes:

Alabama A&M University

Boston University Center for Space Physics

Dartmouth College Physics and Astronomy

Florida Institute Of Technology


Rice University


Stanford University Solar Observatories Group

UC Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory

University of Colorado/LASP

Regular Meetings (all times Eastern)

Mondays (approximately once/month), 3:30 to 5:00pm:
     M-I Coupling Group (Dartmouth CISM venue)

Thursdays (weekly), 1:00-2:30pm:
     Solar group (Berkeley CISM venue)

Thursdays (weekly), 4:00 to 5:00pm:
     Access Grid node testing/debugging (BU CISM venue)

Fridays, 11:30 am - 12:30 pm:
     CISM Validation/Metrics team (BU CISM venue) (every three weeks)

Contact information

Overall CISM AG contact:
   David Bradford, Boston University, 617/353-4884

BU teleconference phone: 617/358-2069

Local Links

Main CISM web page:

RoomSchedule Information: AGSchedule

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