(1) Dell Precision 470 w/USB kybd and mouse
    Dual Xeon 3.2GHz
    1GB RAM
    80GB HD
    Matrox QID LP PCIe (w/4 port DVI octopus & 4 DVI-VGA adapters
                & 2 port VGA octopus & driver CD)
    Winnov Videum 4400 VO (w/4 SVHS to coax adapters)
    SB Live
    DVD-ROM drive
    CDs: XPSP2, PowerDVD, Drivers&Util
    1 completely information-free manual
(4) 50' CAT-5E cables
(4) USB 1.1 to 9 pin serial converters
(4) 9 pin serial to RJ-45
(4) RJ-45 couplers
(4) RJ-45 to 8-pin Mini Din male

------Getting Ready------
Change Administrator account passwd from "insors" to XXX
Set password for "insorslab" Administrator account Set correct Timezone

In Windows Explorer, set default to "view details", "show hidden files", and "don't hide file extensions".  Make a shortcut on the top left part of the Start Menu.

Connect to network.

Run Windows Update: it found a new version of the update utility but nothing else high priority.  There were 10 software updates and 1 hardware update (Intel network adapter).

Make C:\Downloads
Download and install Firefox D&I Dartmouth root certificate into IE and Firefox
D&I Kerberos (sidecar), start it, and unblock when firewall asks
D&I Symantec Managed Antivirus (w/o email pulgins)
D&I Acrobat Reader 7.0.7
D&I SSH client (no commandline stuff)
D&I Absolute FTP, add license info

Install Office XP - custom, detailed options:
    NO Access, Frontpage, Outlook
    ALL Word, Powerpoint, Excel
    Shared - ALL Converters, VBA, Proofing Tools
               - NO everything else
    Tools - ALL Equation Editor, Graph
              - NO everything else

D&I G-Ware 5.0.6

Change to a fixed IP address (use space,, for now)

Downloaded web-based postscript installer for printer in 220.

-----Hardware hookup-----
Flipped an existing shelf upside down - now it's perfect.
PS/2 mouse and keyboard cables from 202 directly to computer.
Use 4 port DVI octopus and all 4 DVI-VGA adapters
    Gray video cable (from 5 coaxes) -> VGA 1/4
    RGB-1 -> VGA 2/6
    RGB-2 -> VGA 3/7
    RGB-3 -> VGA 4/8
L5 audio cable -> line out (green) [on expansion card]
L13 audio cable -> line in (blue)  [on expansion card]
serial from Gentner to COM1
ethernet & power

Problem - if display 1 (LCD panel) is set to 1280x1024, display 2 (left projector) gets confused.  It appears to think it is 1280x1024 (according to the projector menu) and displays a smaller 1024x768 image shifted up and to the left.  With display 1 set to 1024x768 all is well.

Copy site files from the old installation to C:\G-Ware\SiteData
Dartmouth College AG.psr
Dartmouth College Classroom.psr
Dartmouth College Telecon.psr

They appear to work.

Take this opportunity to upgrade the firmware from 1.x to 2.x.  Just follow the instructions in the G-Ware program help (look for GFirm). COM1, 38400 baud.   This takes nearly 10 min.

Sart:Utilities:Creative:SoundBlaster Live! 24-bit:Surround Mixer
same:Speaker Settings
Make sure Rec is set to Line-in (not Mic) in the mixer
Speakers set to 2/2.1, use Channel/Noise to test.