Insors Startup/Shutdown



  1. Log in to the Windows machine. IGMeeting should start automatically (you will see a message). If it doesn't, start it by hand.
  2. Start G-Ware and load the appropriate file. Connect to the unit and use the document settings. This loads the default audio configuration, the only adjustment you should need to make might be the overall volume going out to the speakers, and individual microphone adjustments according to the speakers.
  3. Open a web browser and go to Select the appropriate meeting venue (you will find two CISM venues under the "Educational" menu) and choose Unicast or Multicast. Select the appropriate security (usually none) and you should be delivered to the venue.
  4. Once you are in your venue, check that your cameras are pointed appropriately. When ready to join the meeting check the box next to the microphone in the IGMeeting window to allow your sound to be tramsitted to the meeting.



  1. Close the IGMeeting window.
  2. Mute the sound or the entire site by selecting the appropriate icon in G-Ware.


  1. Change the main Projector to Input A, then shut down all three projectors. Stow the screens.
  2. Put away the microphones, monitor keyboard, and mouse.
  3. Put away any remote controllers that you used.