Debugging an inSORS Session

I will add things here as I think of them, but please feel free to ask questions or make suggestions.

Audio problems:

   Open the Windows audio control settings (control panel - "Sounds and Audio devices" or via the speaker icon in the system tray) and make sure the audio is not muted. Make sure that line in/out are enabled.

   Here is the PSR file for the sound configuration we use here at BU, where we have an XAP 800.

Video problems:

  If you don't see video, check that the projector is on the correct input (D for the main projector, A for the side two projectors).   You can also check that the switch in the cabinet is correct.

  If you see the 'wrong'camera feed, note that the Videotek switcher in that cabinet switches the fourth camera feed between 1 (500 camera) and 2 (502 camera).

  If an AG node can not see your video, you might be using the wrong codec. inSORS supports a superior video codec H.264 which at this moment AG nodes do not support.  In order for an AG node to see your video you must switch your video configuration to H.261.

Tech Support:

   When you're really stuck, remember that if your node is under support you can call inSORS tech support. From their web page:

  "For further assistance, you can reach inSORS Support at (312) 786-9169.  Support technicians are available from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Central Standard Time, Monday through Friday except holidays, and are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week."