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We are currently converting the CISM community from AG to Insors software. The AG software can co-exist with the Insors software, and eventually we will bring the CISM nodes that are interested up to date. Currently we are running version 2.3 of the AG software. The software can be found here and the documentation here.

We run our own CISM venue server.  The lobby for our server is here (cut and paste into venue client - venues are not accessible from a web browser): - also runs a bridge to these rooms.

The venues are:

Alabama A&M:

Boston University:






UC Berkeley:

Other servers of interest:

ArgonneVenue server:

NCSA Venue server:

NCSA maintains a web page listing available venues:

Virtual Location

CISM Venue Server (not accessible via web browser):

Local Links

Main CISM web page:

RoomSchedule Information: AGSchedule

Meeting notes:

Multicast bridge: (

audio port 60456 ttl 127

video port 60458 ttl 127

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