Welcome to the Child Language Lab at Boston University!

We are a research group studying language acquisition and language processing. We are interested in questions like:

  • How do children discover the meanings of words?
  • How does the way in which we talk to children affect the way they learn?
  • How well do children remember recently-learned words?
  • How does language learning differ in children acquiring languages other than English?
  • How do children with Autism Spectrum Disorder learn new words?
  • What are the mechanisms underlying our abilities to rapidly process the language we hear?

We use a variety of behavioral methods, and primarily eye-tracking, to answer these questions in infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, as well as in adults.

If you are a parent, we invite you to visit us. If you are a student interested in joining our team, please contact Dr. Sudha Arunachalam for more information.

Child Language Lab
Boston Universityrhettjr
Dept. of Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences
College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College
635 Commonwealth Ave.
Boston, MA 02215
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