Study Abroad

From the top of the Bastille near Grenoble

BU Science Students in Grenoble

Part of the Department of Chemistry’s commitment to excellence in research and training includes supporting the BU Study Abroad experience. The University offers 75+ programs that are compatible with regular course credit and financial aid at BU.

The programs in Dresden, Germany, Madrid, Spain (new for Fall 2012), and Grenoble, France, have been designed with chemistry students in mind. These science programs offer CH203 in the Fall semester, a required course that is a part of the sophomore core curriculum in many science disciplines, including Chemistry, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, and Biology majors.

Science students, such as Colleen Drapek, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology 2010, believe that the study abroad opportunity is a life changing experience.

For more information about how to participate, visit BU Study Abroad and schedule a meeting with your academic advisor to learn how studying abroad can work with your curriculum. For additional academic guidance,  contact Professor John Snyder, Director of Chemistry Undergraduate Studies

Colleen Drapek, Grenoble Fall 2009

Study Abroad: Student Colleen Drapek

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