Inclusivity and Title IX Resources

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I. Title IX & BU Policies

  1. Sexual Misconduct/Title IX Policy: This policy defines key terms, gives examples of covered conduct, discusses confidentiality, and provides guidance on reporting sexual misconduct throughout the University.
  2. Workplace Violence Prevention Policy: Prohibits violent behavior, physical attacks, verbal or physical threats of violence, physical intimidation, and stalking and property damage, and describes procedures for reporting such situations.
  3. Policy on Consensual Relationships with Students: Applies to relationships between students and the faculty, staff, or other affiliates who supervise students.

II. Statements on diversity, inclusion, equity

A. BU Statements

  1. Boston University is committed to fostering an environment that is free from all forms of sexual misconduct, including sexual assault and sexual harassment. In support of that commitment, BU takes steps to increase awareness of such misconduct, eliminate its occurrence on campus, provide support for survivors, diligently investigate all reports of sexual misconduct, and deal fairly and firmly with offenders. Creating a safe campus environment and a culture of respect is the shared responsibility of all members of the BU community, individually and collectively.
  2. As described in more detail below, in this Policy “sexual misconduct” is intended to refer to a broad range of conduct focused on sex and/or gender that may or may not be sexual in nature. Sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, stalking, and relationship violence are all forms of sexual misconduct prohibited by law and this Policy.
  3. Boston University recognizes that sexual assault, harassment, discrimination and other forms of sexual misconduct can have a profound impact on a person’s personal, academic, and work life. The University encourages anyone coping with such a situation to seek help and support. Students who are uncertain of their options or simply need help should call the Sexual Assault Response & Prevention Center (“SARP”) at (617) 353-7277. Faculty and staff may contact the Faculty & Staff Assistance Office (“FSAO”) at (617) 353-5381 for assistance.
  4. Boston University is committed to establishing and maintaining an environment free of all forms of discrimination and harassment for all members of the University community. The University prohibits discrimination against any person on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, genetic information, military service, or because of marital, parental, veteran status, or any other protected class.

B.   BU Equal Opportunity

  1. Boston University is committed to promoting and maintaining a safe and secure working environment for its faculty and staff, employees, students and visitors. Violent behavior, threats of violence, or physical intimidation will not be tolerated in the Boston University workplace. If such conduct occurs, it should be promptly reported to the proper authority and investigated. The University will take appropriate action in response to reports of such conduct. Employees found to have violated this policy will be subject to disciplinary action, which may include immediate dismissal. In addition, the University may assist in pursuing civil penalties, criminal penalties, or other appropriate action against the offender. Student offenders will be subject to the Code of Student Responsibilities in addition to this policy.
  2. Prohibited conduct in the Boston University workplace includes violent behavior, physical attacks, verbal or physical threats of violence, physical intimidation, stalking, and property damage committed by or against any faculty or staff, or any postdoctoral, graduate, or undergraduate student employed at the University.

 III. What to do when harassment occurs

A.   BU Title IX Reporting

  1. Mandatory Sexual Misconduct Reporting
  2. Faculty & Staff Assistance Office
  3. Sexual Misconduct Policy

B.   BU Title IX Resources and Support

  1. Resources and Support
  2. BU Safety

Sexual Assault Response & Prevention Center (“SARP”)

930 Commonwealth Ave.

24-hour hotline: 617-353-SARP (7277)

By email:


Student Health Services/Behavioral Medicine

881W Commonwealth Ave., 1st Floor

Medical Department


Behavioral Medicine

24-hour hotline: 617-353-3569


Faculty & Staff Assistance Office

Charles River Campus

270 Bay State Road, B-30


Medical Campus

Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller Mental Health Ctr.

85 East Newton St., 818 B


By email:


Office of the Ombuds

Charles River Campus

930 Commonwealth Ave., 1st Floor


Medical Campus

Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller Mental Health Ctr.

85 East Newton St., Suite 818



University Chaplains

Charles River Campus

735 Commonwealth Ave.


By email:


University Title IX Coordinators

19 Deerfield Street, 2nd Floor


By email:


Boston University Police Department

32 Harry Agganis Way

In an emergency: 617-353-2121

Detective Unit: 617-353-3436

Dean of Students Office

George Sherman Union, 3d Floor

775 Commonwealth Ave.



Office of Judicial Affairs

19 Deerfield St., 3rd Floor



Equal Opportunity Office

19 Deerfield St., 2nd Floor


By email:


Human Resources

Charles River Campus

25 Buick St., 2nd Floor


Medical Campus

801 Massachusetts Avenue

Crosstown Center Building, Suite 400



University Service Center

881 Commonwealth Ave.


By email:


Student Financial Assistance

881 Commonwealth Ave.


By email:


Boston Area Rape Crisis Center (“BARCC”)

617-492-RAPE (7273)



Victim Rights Law Center (“VRLC”)

115 Broad St., 3rd Floor (NO WALK-INS)

Boston, MA 02110 617-399-6720, x19 for legal assistance

by email:


Fenway Health Violence Recovery Program

617-267-0900 24/7

Ansin Building

1340 Boylston St.

Boston, MA 02215



Boston Police Department Sexual Assault Unit

Boston Police Department – 911


Boston Police Sexual Assault Unit



Brookline Police Department – 911

Brookline Police Detective Bureau


C.  Sexual Assault Response & Prevention Center (SARP)

SARP provides professional, rapid, confidential, and free-of-charge advocacy and assistance to BU students who have experienced a traumatic incident of any nature. | 24/7 on-call service | 617-353-SARP (7277)