Ben Weinberg (ENG – BIOMED 12) and Susie Lin (CAS 12) set off a mildly explosive demonstration of ‘elephant toothpaste’ for Chemia at the Activity Expo!
Photo by Vernon Doucette


Chemia is the Boston University Chemistry Department’s student organization. We offer free tutoring for General and Organic Chemistry. We  also organize activities, such as trips to pharmaceutical companies, and information sessions on research opportunities and graduate school.

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The Chemia tutors are ready to help!

Tutoring sessions take place at the following days and times for the Spring 2019 semester:

Monday:6-8pm in SCI 294

Thursday: 6-8pm in SCI 294

During these times, there will be tutors available for both General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry.  Come with questions that you already have, or ask for exam help, or just come and do your homework! We will do our best to help you in whatever way we can!

If you are interested in being a tutor and helping out your peers, feel free to come and help out whenever you can (don’t worry, this isn’t a binding commitment). We can always use additional tutors!

Student Officers

Co-Presidents – Jayraj Patel (CAS  Chemistry ’19) and Ellen Laaker (CAS Chemistry ’19)

Vice President – Manaswni “Mani” Dhingra (CAS Chemistry: Biochemistry ’20)

Treasurer – Victoria Jordan (CAS Chemistry: Biochemistry ’21)

Secretary – Elena Gomez (CAS Biology ’21)