Undergraduate Programs

Professor John Snyder

Professor John Snyder

On behalf of our faculty, staff, and students, I would like to welcome you to the Department of Chemistry!

These are very exciting times for our department. Our sophomore organic chemistry labs and classrooms are now fully renovated and integrated with state-of-the-art technologies. With these and our other updated undergraduate labs and new instrumentation, our dedicated faculty are able to provide the best possible chemistry education to our students.

No matter what your background from high school, we offer several levels of freshman chemistry to smoothly “ramp” you into the chemistry major track without missing a beat! In addition to our rigorous Chemistry focus, we offer a Biochemistry Major, as well as a Teaching of Chemistry program, coordinated with other disciplines.

Another great feature of our program is the opportunity for undergraduates to do hands-on research with Chemistry faculty working on the most advanced interdisciplinary research topics in science today. Many of our undergraduates have co-authored research papers before graduation. Research project opportunities range from drug discovery to biotechnology to materials and nanostructures. The exciting research in our Department informs our teaching, and we are justifiably proud of our faculty and lecturers. The number of Chemistry faculty who have received teaching awards of the College of Arts and Sciences and University teaching and advising is exceptional.

Our students receive the education, resources, and training to open doors to a variety of career options and positions in industry, graduate education, and medical schools. Our graduates are in demand!

Coming to BU gives all the advantages of a leading research university, combined with a small college environment. Our average graduating class size (25 students) enables close interaction with faculty, lecturers, and Postdoctoral Faculty Fellows. These interactions ensure that each of our Chemistry Majors receives the attention he/she needs to be academically successful in our field.

Please contact me (jsnyder@bu.edu) or our Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Julia Jesielowski (chemuaa@bu.edu), if you have any questions about our program.

— Professor John Snyder, Director of Undergraduate Studies

Julia Jesielowski, Undergraduate Coordinator

Julia Jesielowski, Undergraduate Program Coordinator

Welcome to the Chemistry Department! My name is Julia Jesielowski, and I’m the  Undergraduate Program Coordinator for the Department of Chemistry. I’m  here to help you, whether you are a declared Chemistry major, simply taking a few classes out of interest, or fulfilling your own major’s requirements. Also, I meet with students for academic advising, and assign faculty advisors.

The Department offers exciting programs that are open to interested undergrads. Chemia, an undergraduate chemistry organization, is an affiliate of the American Chemical Society. This group highlights how interesting and exciting science and chemistry in particular can be. They present experiments, organize company tours, and offer free peer tutoring in chemistry.

Each spring, the Department sponsors the Undergraduate Research Symposium, where Chemistry seniors present the research they have been working on throughout their undergraduate careers. These students have been working in state-of-the-art research facilities using cutting edge techniques here on campus under the instruction of award winning faculty.

For incoming freshmen pursuing the Chemistry track, the department offers an exciting Freshman Chemistry Seminar. This 1-credit class meets once a week in the fall semester to discuss the practical and interesting side of being a chemist. Students participate in guest seminars, learn how to get involved with undergraduate research, and have small group discussions directly with our faculty.

Please contact me at chemuaa@bu.edu if you’d like to talk about the Chemistry major and anything else related to our program. Be sure to follow BU Chemistry on Facebook and Twitter!

-Julia Jesielowski, Undergraduate Program Coordinator