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BU Chemistry Day 2012

May 11th, 2012 in BUWIC, Front Page, Graduate, Outreach, PFF, Undergraduate

Chemistry Day 2012 DemoBU Chemistry hosted more than 100 students from the Boston Community Leadership Academy (BCLA) and English High School on May 4, 2012 for the fourth annual Chemistry Day. The morning long program began with a demonstration session given by BU Chemistry undergraduates and coordinated by Postdoctoral Faculty Fellow (PFF)¬† Dr. Seann Mulcahy. The demonstration explored pH, having fun with liquid nitrogen, synthesizing nylon, and making “Elephant’s Toothpaste.” After the demonstration, students spent time in our undergraduate teaching labs performing experiments in electrochemistry of metals (a variation on a CH 101 undergraduate lab experiment), electrolysis of salt water, and identifying antioxidants using glow sticks. These experiments were coordinated by PFF Dr. Katie Frato with assistance by BUWIC (Boston University Women in Chemistry) president Sarah Soltau and undergraduates. Students also attended tours of state-of-the-art chemistry research labs, seeing major instrumentation such as NMR spectrometers and GC/MS instruments and testing¬†a glove box. During these tours, graduate student and postdoctoral researchers also described their work and what it was like to work in a research lab. The morning was capped off with a BBQ sponsored by the department. Photos from the event can be seen at the BU Chemistry Flickr site.

Chemistry Day 2012 Student ExperimentBU Chemistry Day is the culmination of a semester long outreach program created by BUWIC and coordinated by Liz Hirst (BUWIC Outreach Coordinator). During the semester, 2-3 BU students visited classrooms at BCLA, English High School, and Brighton High School every other week to mentor students, assist teachers with instruction, perform demonstrations, and coordinate hands-on experiments.

BU Chemistry is grateful to all of those involved, with special thanks to:
Outreach co-directors: Seann Mulcahy and Katie Frato
BUWIC:  Sarah Soltau (President) and Liz Hirst (Outreach Coordinator)
Teaching lab coordinator: Boris Bezverkhny
Undergraduate “Outreachers”: Kyle Kahveci, Will Lyon (English High); Shama Patel, Nicole Buechler, Holly Johnson, Pragya Kalla, James Priestley, Christopher Neil, Zach Bogart (BCLA); and Nick Russo, Josh Nelson, Doug Allison (Brighton High)

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BUWIC Participates in 37-Country IYC Event

January 21st, 2011 in BUWIC, Students

On January 18, 2011, Boston University Women in Chemistry (BUWIC) joined women chemists in Canada as part of the international event that connected scientists in 37 countries in cyber-space. The event, “Women Sharing a Chemical Moment in Time“, ushered in the 2011 International Year of Chemistry.

Using Skype, BUWIC scientists linked to fellow chemists in Alberta, Canada, to share perspectives on careers in chemistry for women and ways to spur interest in chemistry and biology with educational events that span beyond the classroom.

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Another Successful Chemistry Day!

May 21st, 2010 in BUWIC, Front Page, Graduate, Teaching

Dr. Rosemary White demonstrating the ideal gas law at Chemistry Day 2010

Dr. Rosemary White demonstrating the ideal gas law at Chemistry Day 2010

On April 30, high school students from Boston Community Leadership Academy (BCLA) visited the BU Chemistry Department for our second annual Chemistry Day. The forty-five BCLA students learned about acids and bases, gas laws, and chemical reactions at a jaw-dropping demonstration show. They also explored rates of reactions and electrochemistry in two hands-on laboratories run by BU graduate student, Daniele Ramella, and Postdoctoral Faculty Fellow, Rosemary White. Then the students toured chemistry research labs where graduate students and postdocs taught them about their current research. The event concluded with a picnic lunch, sponsored by Cynthia Brossman of LERNET. Chemistry Day was organized by Anais Gervais (BUWIC), Riya Luhar (Chemia), Rosemary White, and Susan DeSensi. The BCLA students are in Arielle Saavedra’s 10th-grade chemistry class. Throughout the semester, BU undergrads Jennifer Kole, Ariana Sherman, and Mike Zimmerman visited Arielle’s classes as part of the Chemistry Outreach Program. The Chemistry Outreach Program, organized by Dr. Susan DeSensi and Dr. Rosemary White, both of the BU Chemistry Department, sends BU undergrads to BCLA, English High School, and Fenway High School to work with the chemistry classes, perform demos and labs, and share their excitement for chemistry. Please check out some Photos from this wonderful event.

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