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Doerrer Receives Basic Energy Sciences Grant

June 7th, 2011 in Doerrer, Linda, Faculty, Front Page

Linda Doerrer

Professor Linda Doerrer

Professor Linda Doerrer and her research group have received a 4-year, $710,000 grant from the Office of Basic Energy Sciences in the Department of Energy to investigate a new potential water oxidation system.

Entitled “Development of Earth-Abundant Transition Metal Catalysts for Water Oxidation,” the study will focus on the separation of water into its elements and their recombination to release energy. Using their extensive experience with late first row transition metals (earth abundant) and fluorinated, oxygen donor ligands, the Doerrer Group will prepare new compounds and develop systems leading to a water oxidation catalyst.

The central idea of the research is to incorporate the proven oxidative robustness of fluorinated organic groups into transition metal compounds that will catalyze the oxidation of water to O2. Successful completion of this project will result in one or more new catalysts made with earth abundant materials for oxygen evolution. These compounds will also provide scientists with increased detailed understanding of the fundamental process of water oxidation and how it can be harnessed for environmentally sustainable energy use.

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