2006 Novartis Lecture and Fellowship Celebrations

Following the March 20, 2006 Novartis Lecture, there was a reception to honor the speaker, Prof. Phil Baran from the Scripps Research Institute, as well as, Ms. Iwona Wrona, the second recipient of the Novartis Graduate Fellowship in Organic Chemistry for Women and Minorities. Also given a plaque commemorating her award was Ms. Sujata Bardhan, the first recipient.



Profs. Jim Panek, Scott Schaus, Phil Baran
(speaker), and John Porco (Chemistry)

Ms. Sujata Bardhan (2004/2005 Novartis Fellow), Prof. John Porco, and Ms. Iwona Wrona (2005/2006 Novartis Fellow)

Prof. Porco thanking Prof. Baran for 2006
Novartis Lecture

John Porco presenting commemorative plaque to the speaker (Baran)

Ms. Bardhan and Profs. Baran and Porco

Ms. Bardhan and Profs. Baran and Porco

Prof. Panek, Ms. Wrona (2005/2006 Novartis
Fellow), and Prof. Baran

Presenting Novartis 2004/2005 Fellowship Plaque to Ms. Bardhan

Graduate Students Jianglong Zhu and Chong Han

Postdoctoral Fellow Eamon Comer (CMLD) and Graduate Student Sam Lo

Prof. Tom Gilmore (Biology) and Prof. Scott Mohr (Chemistry)

Profs. Mark Grinstaff (Chemistry/Biomedical Engineering) and Scott Schaus (Chemistry)

Profs. Mohr and Sean Elliott (Chemistry)

Mike Hamill (Graduate Student) and Prof.Elliott

Prof. Jim Panek with former graduate student Qibin Su (2005), currently with AstraZeneca

Dr. Robert Umans (Chemistry) and Graduate Students  Alison Wensley, Erin Eastwood, and Christiane Bode