2005 Novartis Lecture and Fellowship Award Celebrations

After the January 31 2005 Novartis Lecture, there were celebrations to honor the speaker, Prof. Brian Stoltz from the California Institute of Technology, as well as Ms. Sujata Bardhan, the first recipient of the Novartis Graduate Fellowship in Organic Chemistry for Women and Minorities.  Sujata, 2001, is a member of Prof. John A. Porco’s Group.

Prof. Scott Schaus, Director Graduate Affairs, announcing fellowship award to
Sujata as Prof. Stoltz, the Novartis lecturer, looks on.

Scott Schaus and Brian Stoltz applauding Sujata’s achievement.

Prof. Schaus and Prof. Stoltz with Sujata’s advisor, Prof. John A. Porco, Jr.

Sujata Bardhan(’01) receiving congratulations from her fellow graduate students
in Prof. Porco’s laboratory, Dani Solano and Andrew Kleinke (both ’04).

Christiane Bode (’04, Schaus Group), Breia Lewis (’04, Caradonna Group) and
Stacy Rodgen (’03, Schaus Group).

Prof. Stoltz meeting Ronni Etterman (’04, Panek Group).

Andrew Kleinke, Breia Lewis, Erin Eastwood (’99, Schaus Group), Stacy Rodgen,
Christiane Bode, Ronni Etterman, and Dawn Pothier (’04, Panek Group).

Prof. Bob Umans and Erin Eastwood

Prof. Gil Jones

Profs. Porco, Schaus, and Panek

Brian, Ronnie, Dawn, and Andrew

Erin, Stacy, and Christiane

Erin, Stacy, Christiane, John Porco, Scott Schaus, and Brian Stoltz