2006 Lambert Lecture Celebrations

Following the March 27, 2006 Lambert Lecture , there was a dinner to honor the Nobel Laureate speaker, Prof. E. J. Corey from Harvard University, and the donor, Mr. Ben Lambert. (All photographs courtesy of Ms. Sujata Bardhan.)


Mr. Ben Lambert

Prof. E. J. Corey

Prof. John Porco, E. J. Corey, Prof. Jim Panek, Ben Lambert, Prof.& Dept. Chairman, Gil Jones

Guests: Dr. Craig Masse of Amgen and Dr. Greg Roth of the CMLD-BU Science Advisory Board

Prof. Scott Schaus

Alex Hours, Iwona Wrona, Dr. John Mieczkinowski, Prof. Georgia Weinstein, and Gerard Rowe

Profs. Panek and Corey

Prof. Porco

E. J. Corey, Baudouin Gerard,

Su Shun , and Ben Lambert

Baudouin Gerard, E.J. Corey, Sujata Bardhan,

and Su Shun

Su and Baudouin

Jason Lowe, E.J. Corey, and

Iwona Wrona

E.J. Corey Lunch with Students

Stacy Rodge, Iwona Wrona, Sujata Bardhan, Josh Guigere, E. J. Corey, Jason Lowe, Alexandra Hours, Will Youngsaye, Su Shun, Xiang Liu, Sha Lou, and Baudouin Gerard

Xiaoguang Lei, E. J. Corey, Sujata Bardhan

Profs. Corey and John Porco

Prof. Corey graciously signing books

Shu Sun , E.J. Corey,

and Jason Lowe

E. J. Corey and Sha Lou