Physical Chemistry Seminars – Fall 2007

September 19*

GBA Theory Seminar

Jan Martin

Wiezmann Institute of Science

“Computational Thermochemistry and Thermochemical Kinetics: Density Functional and High Accuracy Ab Initio Approaches”

September 26*

GBA Theory Seminar

Sotiris Xantheas

Department of Energy, Pacific Northwest National Laboratories

“(1) Cooperative Effects in Water: Insights From Electronic Structure Calculations, and (2) Development of a new Interaction Potential for Water from First Principles: Structural and Thermodynamic Properties of Water Clusters, Clathrate Hydrates, Liquid Water and Ice.”

October 3 Ethan Baxter

Department of Earth Sciences, Boston University

“Isotope Geochemistry, Geochronology, and the Reconstruction of Very Slow Metamorphic Reactions”

To download a pdf of:

“Field Measurement of Slow Metamorphic Reaction Rates at
Temperatures of 500 to 600C,” by Ethan F. Baxter and Donald J. DePaolo, SCIENCE, vol 288, 26 May 2000, please click here.

October 10*

GBA Theory Seminar

Neepa Maitra

City University of New York


October 17 Victor Batista

Department of Chemistry, Yale University

“”Water Splitting: Computational Insights on Natural and Artificial Photosynthesis””

October 24*

GBA Theory Seminar

Greg Voth
Department of Chemistry, University of Utah


October 31 Shuanghong Huo

Department of Chemistry, Clark University

“Mapping the Early Steps of Amyloid Formation with Computational Approaches”

November 7 Karl Freed
Department of Chemistry, University of Chicago

“Protein Folding: Interrelation Between Secondary and Tertiary Structure Determination”

Nobember 14 Ioan Andricioaei

Department of Chemistry, University of Michigan

“Conformational Kinetics of Nucleic Acids Under External Forces”

Nobember 28*

GBA Theory Seminar

Sabre Kais

Department of Chemistry, Perdue University


December 5*

GBA Theory Seminar

Charles Brooks

The Scripps Research Institute


December 12

The last Physical Chemistry seminar originally planned for December 12 has been cancelled and will be rescheduled for February 2008.

Valeri Barsegov

Department of Chemistry, University of Massachusetts, Lowell

“Probing Protein-Protein Interactions by Ordered Forced Unfolding Times: Theory and Applications”