Physical Chemistry Seminars – 2005

These talks begin at 2:00 on Wednesday afternoons in Room SCI 352 in the Metcalf Science Center (590 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215). There are refreshments prior to the lecture at 1:45 pm.

Seminars labeled with * are part of the Joint Theory Seminar Series sponsored by Boston University, Harvard, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). These joint seminars are held at MIT in Room 31-156 and start at 3:00 pm and run until 5:00 pm. These “theory afternoons” offer an exciting new seminar medium where in-depth presentation of broadly applicable methods and new approchaes can be given, almost like a mini-course. After the first 50 minutes, we break for coffee and cookies, then reconvene for the second hour. For more information on these joint BU-Harvard-MIT theory seminars (including lecture notes) please see the Joint Theory Seminars webpage.

February 2 Dr. Bernd Ensing

University of Pennsylvania

“First principles computer simulation: The good, the bad and the ugly”

February 16 Professor Larry Ziegler

Boston University

“The Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering of Bacteria; Biothreat Detection/Clinical Applications”

February 23 *Professor Steve Berry

University of Chicago

“Useful, enlightening and Amazing things from studying clusters”

March 2 Dr. Hiroshi Fujisaki

Boston University

“Vibrational energy relaxation in proteins”

March 9 Professor David Coker

Boston University

“Time correlation functions for condensed phase quantum dynamics”

March 23 Bogdan Tarus

Boston University

“Probing the initial stage of aggregation of the Abeta(10-35)-protein”

March 30 *Professor David Tannor

Weitzmann Institute


April 6 Professor Eitan Geva

University of Michigan

“Simulation of Quantum Molecular Dynamics in the Condensed Phase: Approxmations Based on Linearizing the Path-integral Forward-backward Action”

April 13 Professor Sandor Vajda

Boston University

“Exploring the binding site structure of proteins by computational solvent mapping”

April 20 *Professor Martin Zanni

University of Wisconsin – Madison


April 27 Professor Lev Gelb

Washington University, St. Louis

“Multiscale modeling of sol-gel materials and capillary phenomena”

May 4 Professor Anders Sandvik

Boston University

“Stochastic series expansion — an efficient alternative to path integrals in lattice quantum Monte Carlo simulations”

May 11 *Professor Preston Moore

University of the Sciences, Philadelphia

“Coarse grained MD, development, implementation, problems, and successes”

May 18 *Professor Harold Scheraga

Cornell University

September 12 Yuji Sugita

University of Tokyo

“Molecular Dynamics Studies on the Biological Functions of Sarcoplasmic Reticulum Calcium Pump”

September 20 Bill Reinhardt

University of Washington, Seattle

“Advances in the technology of simulation of free energy differences: folding and unfolding model RNA loops”

September 21 *Atilla Szabo

NIDDK, National Institutes of Health

September 28 Markus Meuwly
University of Basel

“Computer Simulations of Dynamical Processes in Proteins”

October 5 David Blank

University of Minnesota

“Watching the local solvent environment participate in charge transfer reactions”

October 12 CHANGE – Please Note, Prof. Krilov’s talk will be on October 19 (below).

There will be no Physical Chemistry Seminar this week due to the Life Science and Engineering Symposium

October 19 Goran Krilov

Boston College

“Quantum Dynamics in Liquids through Numerical Analytic Continuation”

TBA in the Spring

*Hannes Jonsson

University of Washington, Seattle

October 26 CHANGE – Rescheduled to Thursday, November 3 at 2:00 in LSEB 103
Bob Brown
Boston University
“Modeling Defect Dynamics in Semiconductor Silicon”
November 2 Feng Gai

University of Pennsylvania

“Probing the early events in protein folding”

November 3


Bob Brown
Boston University
“Modeling Defect Dynamics in Semiconductor Silicon”

November 9 *Brian Space

University of South Florida

November 16 Feng Wang

Boston University

“A Drude-model Approach to Dispersion Interactions in Dipole-Bound Anions”

November 30 *Doug Tobias

University of California at Irvine

December 7 Sean Decatur

Mt. Holyoke College

“Probing amyloid structure and dynamics using isotope-edited infrared spectroscopy”

December 14 *Joseph Klafter

Tel Aviv University