Physical Chemistry Seminars

These talks begin at 2 pm on Wednesday afternoons in Room SCI 512 in the Metcalf Center for Science and Engineering (590 Commonwealth, Boston, MA 02215). There are refreshments provided at the lecture.

Seminars labeled with * and highlighted are part of the Greater Boston Area (GBA) Theoretical Chemistry Lecture Series sponsored by Boston University, Harvard University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). These joint seminars are held at MIT in Building 4, Room 237 and start at 4:15 pm and run until 6:00 pm.

These “theory afternoons” offer an exciting new seminar medium where in-depth presentations of broadly applicable methods and new approaches are presented. For more information on these joint BU-Harvard-MIT theory seminars (including lecture notes) please see the GBA Theoretical Chemistry Lecture Series.

In addition, the Center for Computational Science runs a seminar series Friday at 12:00pm in PRB595.  See here for the schedule.

Fall 2018 Speakers

September 12
Professor Kevin Smith
Boston University
Department of Physics
September 26*
Professor Krishnan Raghavachari
Indiana University
Department of Chemistry
October 24
Professor Alexander Sergienko
Boston University
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Department of Physics
October 31
Professor Markus Meuwly
University of Basel
Department of Chemistry
November 14*
Professor Gerhard Hummer
Max Planck Institute of Biophysics
Department of Theoretical Biophysics
November 28*
Professor Jianzhi George Zhang
University of Michigan
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
November 30
Professor Howe-Siang Tan
Special Seminar Friday 2-3 PM
Nanyang Technological University
Division of Chemistry and Biological Chemistry
December 5
Professor Jeffrey Geddes
Boston University
Department of Earth & Environment
December 12
Tianshu Li
Boston University
Ling Laboratory
Department of Chemistry

Spring 2019 Speakers

January 23
Yuxuan Lin
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
January 30*
Professor Benedetta Mennucci
University of Pisa
Department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry
February 6
Professor Kang-Kuen Ni
Harvard University
Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
February 13*
Dr. Robert Best
National Institute of Health
February 20*
Professor Daniel Crawford
Virginia Polytechnic Institute
The Crawford Lab
Department of Chemistry
February 26*
Professor Laura Gagliardi
University of Minnesota
Department of Chemistry
March 6*
Professor Dan Tawfik
Weizmann Institute of Science
Department of Biomolecular Sciences
March 20*
Professor Mike Harms
University of Oregon
Institute of Molecular Biology
March 27*
Professor Huan-Xiang Zhou
University of Illinois at Chicago
Department of Chemistry
April 24
Justin Provazza
Boston University
The Coker Group
Department of Chemistry
May 1st
Assistant Professor Pengfei Huo
University of Rochester
Department of Chemistry
May 8*
Professor Andy McCammon
University of California San Diego
The McCammon Group
Computational Research in Molecular Chemistry