Physical Chemistry Seminars

These talks begin at 2 pm on Wednesday afternoons in Room SCI 512 in the Metcalf Center for Science and Engineering (590 Commonwealth, Boston, MA 02215). There are refreshments provided at the lecture.

Seminars labeled with * and highlighted are part of the Greater Boston Area (GBA) Theoretical Chemistry Lecture Series sponsored by Boston University, Harvard University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). These joint seminars are held at MIT in Building 4, Room 237 and start at 4:15 pm and run until 6:00 pm.

These “theory afternoons” offer an exciting new seminar medium where in-depth presentations of broadly applicable methods and new approaches are presented. For more information on these joint BU-Harvard-MIT theory seminars (including lecture notes) please see the GBA Theoretical Chemistry Lecture Series.

In addition, the Center for Computational Science runs a seminar series Friday at 12:00pm in PRB595.  See here for the schedule.

Fall 2019 Speakers

September 4
Professor Dunwei Wang
Boston College
Department of Chemistry
September 18*
Professor Francesco Evangelista
Emory University
Department of Chemistry
October 9*
Professor Suri Vaikuntanathan
University of Chicago
Department of Chemistry
October 16*
Professor Eric Bitner
University of Houston
Department of Chemistry
October 23
Wenlong Yang, PhD
Harvard University, Xie Research Group
Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
October 30*
Professor Bill Jorgensen
Yale University
Department of Chemistry
November 6
Professor Marcia Levitus
Arizona State University
Department of Molecular Sciences
November 13*
Professor Annabella Selloni
Princeton University
Department of Chemistry
November 20
Professor Ariel Furst
Department of Chemical Engineering
December 11
Jun Cao
Boston University, Ling Group
Department of Chemistry

Spring 2020 Speakers

January 22
Donovan Chin
Arrakis Therapeutics
Director of Computational Drug Discovery
January 29
Assistant Professor Ziad Ganim
Yale University
Department of Chemistry
February 5*
Professor Bill Jorgensen
Yale University
Department of Chemistry
February 12*
Professor Bin Zhang
Department of Chemistry
February 26*
Professor George Schatz
Northwestern University
Department of Chemistry
March 4
Professor Jianhan Chen
Department of Chemistry
March 18*
Professor Aaron Dinner
University of Chicago
Department of Chemistry
March 25*
Professor Andrew Ferguson
University of Chicago
Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering
April 1
Professor Chia-Kuang (Frank) Tsung
Boston College
Department of Chemistry
April 8
Xingda An
Boston University
Reinhard Lab
April 8*
Professor Anna Krylov
Department of Chemistry
April 15*
Professor Ilpo Vat­tu­lainen
University of Helsinki
Department of Physics
April 29*
Professor Dan Tawfik
Weizmann Institute, Israel
Department of Biomolecular Sciences
May 6
Professor Libai Huang
Purdue University
Department of Chemistry