Monday Colloquium Series – 2010/2011

Colloquium Speaker Justin Du BoisJanuary 19 (Wednesday)
Professor Justin Du Bois
Stanford University
(Host: BUYCC)
The Guanidinium Toxins: Unique Natural Products in both Form and Function
Colloquium Speaker kahneJanuary 31
Professor Daniel Kahne
Harvard University
(Host: Karen Allen)
Reconstitution of outer membrane protein assembly from purified components
Colloquium Speaker fierkeFebruary 7
Professor Carol Fierke
University of Michigan
(Host: BUWIC)
Mechanism and Regulation of Metal-Dependent Deacetylases (HDAC and LpxC)
Colloquium Speaker pandeFebruary 8 (Chemistry/Physics shared speaker)
Professor Vijay Pande
Stanford University
Some Surprises in the Biophysics of Protein Dynamics
Colloquium Speaker MierkeFebruary 14
Dr. Dale Mierke
Dartmouth University
(Host: Straub)
Protein engineering to enhance NMR-based screening of GPCRs and polyomaviruses.
Colloquium Speaker MicalizioFebruary 28
Professor Glenn C. Micalizio
Scripps Florida
(Host: Porco)
Metallacycle-Mediated Cross-Coupling: Reaction Development and Application
Colloquium Speaker EisenbergMarch 7
Professor Richard Eisenberg
University of Rochester
(Host: Sean Elliott)
The Reductive Side of Water Splitting and the Light Driven Generation of Hydrogen from Water: New Developments, Strategies and Results
Colloquium Speaker ThomsonMarch 21 (Novartis Lecture)
Professor Regan Thomson
Northwestern University
(Host: Corey Stephenson)
Development and Application of Carbon-Carbon Bond Forming Reactions
Colloquium Speaker YKishiMarch 28 (Lambert Lecture)
Professor Yoshito Kishi
Harvard University
(Host: Jim Panek)
Natural Product Synthesis
Colloquium Speaker Taton


April 4
Professor T. Andrew Taton
University of Minnesota
(Host: Bjoern Reinhard)

Colloquium Speaker BorovikApril 11
Professor Andrew S. Borovik
University of California-Irvine
(Host: Sean Elliott)
Lessons from Nature: Utilizing of Non-Covalent Interactions in Controlling Metal-Mediated Transformations.
Professor Yu (Brandon) Xia

April 25
Professor Brandon Xia
Boston University
(Host: Karen Allen)
Computation Modeling of Proteomes Provides Biophysical and Evolutionary Insights

Colloquium Speaker BrianMillerMay 2
Professor Brian Miller
Florida State University
(Host: Pinghua Liu)
Kinetic Cooperativity in a Monomeric Enzyme
Colloquium SpeakerMehn_MarkMay 9
Professor Mark Mehn
University of Wyoming
(Host: Linda Doerrer)
Developing New Iron and Manganese Oxidation Catalysts
SONY DSCSeptember 9 (Friday)
Professor Neil Garg
(Host: Corey Stephenson)
Complex Molecule Synthesis as a Fuel for Discovery
Jared_Shaw_ColloquiumSpeakerFall2011September 12
Professor Jared Shaw
UC Davis
(Host: John Porco)
Multicomponent Approaches to Organic Synthesis and Chemical Biology
JenniferDuboisColloquiumSpeakerFall2011September 20 (Tuesday)
Professor Jen Dubois
University of Notre Dame
(Host: Sean Elliott)
From O-O bond formation to Fe metabolism: the CDE protein superfamily
shoresColloquiumSpeakerFall2011September 26
Professor Matt Shores
Colorado State University
Putting a New Spin on Coordination Chemistry
AnneJonesColloquiumSpeakerFall2011October 17
Prof. Anne Jones
Arizona State University
(Host: Sean Elliott)
Engineering Oxidoreductases: Understanding the Roles of Residues Outside the Active Site in Controlling Catalysis by Hydrogenases
GevorgyanColloquiumSpeakerFall2011October 24
Professor Vladimir Gevorgyan
University of Illinois-Chicago
(Host: Scott Schaus)
ReismanColloquiumSpeakerFall2011October 31
Professor Sarah Reisman
California Institute of Technology
(Host: BUWIC)
JimmyWuColloquiumSpeakerFall2011November 7
Professor Jimmy Wu
Dartmouth University
(Host: Corey Stephenson)
New Methodologies in Sulfur Chemistry
Fall 2011 Colloquium Wilson FranciscoNovember 21
Professor Wilson Francisco
Arizona State University
(Host: Karen Allen)
Metal Binding to Cupin Dioxygenases and the Role of Copper Ions in Protein Folding and Stability
BenShenColloquiumSpeaker2011December 6 (Tuesday)
Professor Ben Shen
Scripps Florida
(Host: Pinghua Liu)
HerzonColloquiumSpeakerFall2011December 12
Professor Seth Herzon
Yale University
(Host: Scott Schaus)