Monday Colloquium Series – 2009/2010

Borguet mugJan 25
Professor Eric Borguet
Temple University
(Host: Larry Ziegler)
Single Molecule Charge Transfer and Localization at Interfaces
ritter-mugFeb 1
Novartis Lecturer
Professor Tobias Ritter
Harvard University
(Host: Corey Stephenson)
Transition Metal-Catalyzed Carbon-Fluorine Bond Formation
ptongeimageFeb 8
Professor Peter Tonge
State University of New York – Stony Brook
(Host: Adrian Whitty)
Mining the Magic Mountain for Novel Tuberculosis Drugs: Residence Time, In Vivo Antibacterial Activity and In Vivo Imaging
Jarvo imageFeb 22
Professor Elizabeth Jarvo
University of California, Irvine
(Host: Corey Stephenson)
Design and Development of Catalytic Reactions Involving Organometallic Nucleophiles
grayimageMar 1
Professor Harry Gray
California Institute of Technology
(Host: BUYCC)
The Currents of Life: Electron Flow through Metalloproteins
morkenimageMar 15
Professor James Morken
Boston College
(Host: Scott Schaus)
Catalytic Diboration: An Enabling Tool for Organic Synthesis
denmarkimageMar 29
Professor Scott Denmark
University of Illinois
(Host: James Panek)
Lewis Base Activation of Lewis Acids: A New Concept for Catalysis in Main Group Chemistry
john_wood_imageApr 5
Professor John Wood
Colorado State University
(Host: John Porco)
Synthetic Studies of Oxindole-Containing Natural Products
boger imageApr 12
Lambert Lecture
Professor Dale L. Boger
The Scripps Research Institute
(Host: James Panek )
Vinblastine: Synthetic & Mechanistic Studies
Kim DunbarApr 23 (Fri)
Professor Kim Dunbar
Texas A&M University
(Host: BUYCC)
Cyanide and Organocyanide Based Molecular Materials: A Golden Opportunity for Coordination Chemistry in the 21st Century
colvin imageApr 26
Professor Vicki Colvin
Rice University
(Host: Bjoern Reinhard)
Nanotechnology: Safe Solutions to Hard Problems in Water and Energy
Poulter imageApr 28 (Wed)
Professor C. Dale Poulter
University of Utah
(Host: Pinghua Liu)
Discovering Enzyme Mechanism and Function
Distefano imageSeptember 13
Professor Mark Distefano
University of Minnesota
(Host: Adrian Whitty)
Chemistry and Biology of Protein Prenylation
masonucla imageSeptember 20
Professor Thomas Mason
University of California, Los Angeles
(Host: Bjoern Reinhard)
Brownian Polygons: Order and Frustration in Two Dimensions
Colloquium Speaker williams imageSeptember 27
Professor Lawrence J. Williams
Rutgers University
(Host: John Porco)
Colloquium Speaker Nordlander imageOctober 18
Professor Peter Nordlander
Rice University
(Host: Bjoern Reinhard)
Plasmonic Nanostructures: Artificial Molecules
Colloquium Speaker Senanayake ImageOctober 25
Dr. Chris Senanayake
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals
(Host: Corey Stephenson)
REIS CN061003X CHEM BIO Lin PortOctober 26 (Tuesday)
Professor Hening Lin
Cornell University
(Host: Pinghua Liu)
Lacote mug shotOctober 29 (Friday)
Professor Emmanuel Lacote
CNRS, Paris
(Host: Corey Stephenson)
Hybrid Architectures: Design and Applications
Colloquium Speaker Larry ScottNovember 1
Professor Larry Scott
Boston College
(Host: Ramesh Jasti)
Colloquium Speaker Tristan LambertNovember 15
Professor Tristan Lambert
Columbia University
(Host: Corey Stephenson)
Colloquium Speaker Cora macbethNovember 22
Professor Cora Macbeth
Emory University
(Host: Sean Elliott)
Professor Bjoern ReinhardBU Faculty Presentations

November 29
Professor Bjoern Reinhard
Boston University

Linda DoerrerNovember 29
Professor Linda Doerrer
Boston University