Monday Colloquium Series – 2006/2007

Jan 22
2007 Novartis Lecture in Organic Chemistry
Melanie Sanford
Department of Chemistry
University of Michigan
(Host: Scott Schaus)
Synthetic Applications and Mechanistic Investigations of Transition Metal Catalyzed C–H Bond Functionalization
Jan 29
BUWIC Speaker
Helen Blackwell
Department of Chemistry
University of Wisconsin – Madison
(Host: Boston University Women in Chemisty)
Expanding the Language of Bacterial Communication with Synthetic Ligands
Feb 05
Michael Brenowitz
Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York
Towards Solution of the RNA Folding Problem
Mar 05
Jeffrey Aube
Department of Medicinal Chemistry
Kansas University
(Host: James Panek)
Azides as Precursors to Natural and Unnatural Products
Mar 12
Justin Gallivan
Department of Chemistry
Emory University
(Host: Sean Elliott)
Reprogramming Bacteria with Small Molecules and RNA
Mar 19
Lance Seefeldt
Department of Chemistry
Utah State University
(Host: Sean Elliott)
Intermediates on the N2 Reduction Pathway Catalyzed by Nitrogenase
Mar 26
Deborah Zamble
Department of Chemistry
University of Toronto
(Host: Sean Elliott)
Biosynthesis of the [NiFe] Hydrogenase Enzyme: The Nickel Accessory Proteins
Apr 02
Antonio Echavarren
Departamento de Química Orgánica, Facultad de Ciencias
(Host: Scott Schaus)
The Mechanistic Puzzle of Gold-Catalyzed Cyclizations of Enynes and Beyond
Apr 09
Udayan Mohanty
Department of Chemistry
Boston University
(Host: Tom Keyes)
Polyelectrolyte Behavior of RNA
Apr 23
BUYCC Speaker
George Whitesides
Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Harvard University
(Host: Boston University Younger Chemists Committee)
Reinventing Chemistry
Apr 30
Joel Bowman
Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Theoretical Chemistry
Department of Chemistry
Emory University
(Host: David Coker)
Molecules Without a Structure, Reactions that Bypass the Transition State — What’s Going On?
Professor Michael KnappSep 10
Professor Michael Knapp
Department of Chemistry
University of Massachusetts Amherst
(Host: Sean Elliott)
Controlling Redox Chemistry in Metalloenzyme/Nanoparticle Hybrids
Russell P. HughesSep 17
Russell P. Hughes
Frank R. Mori Professor of Chemistry
Dartmouth College
(Host: Linda Doerrer)
Facile Activation of Carbon-Fluorine Bonds: Inner Sphere Construction of New Fluorinated Organic Ligands
Dr. Sotiris XantheasSep 24
Dr. Sotiris Xantheas
Laboratory Fellow
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
(Host: Björn Reinhard)
The Structural-Spectral-Energetic Correspondence for Hydrogen Bonded Networks: Adding an Energy Component to Badger’s Rule
Professor Klaus H. TheopoldOct 1
Professor Klaus H. Theopold
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
University of Delaware
(Host: Linda Doerrer)
The Beauty of ‘Chrome’ — New Chemistry of a Colorful Metal
Robert H. GrubbsOct 15
2007 Lambert Lecture
Robert H. Grubbs
Victor and Elizabeth Atkins Professor of Chemistry
California Institute of Technology
Metathesis: Catalysts & Applications
Professor Dieter SeebachOct 29
Professor Dieter Seebach
Laboratory of Organic Chemistry
ETH Zürich
(Host: James Panek)
Lessons from Studying beta-Peptides
Jonas C. PetersNov 5
Jonas C. Peters
W.M. Keck Professor of Energy
Department of Chemistry
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
(Host: Sean Elliott)
Multi-electron Redox Events at Low Coordinate Late First Row Ions
Nov 19
Professor Philip P. Power
Department of Chemistry
University of California Davis
(Host: Linda Doerrer)
New Metal-Metal Bonds
Professor Karen AllenNov 26
Professor Karen Allen
Department of Physiology & Biophysics
Boston University School of Medicine
(Host: Rosina Georgiadis)
Chemistry of Phosphoryl Transfer in a Mechanistically Diverse Enzyme Superfamily