Monday Colloquium Series – 2011/2012

Colloquia seminars are held on Mondays (unless otherwise noted) in the Life Science and Engineering Building Auditorium (B01), beginning at 4:00 p.m. A reception (with light refreshments) precedes each talk, beginning at 3:30 p.m., in the lounge area outside B01. The lectures are open to everyone in the Department, including undergraduates.

Colloquium Chair: Professor James S. Panek
Colloquium Speaker Series Coordinator: Kevin Schwartz

SwagerCollSpeakerSpring2012January 23
Professor Timothy Swager
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
(Host: Ramesh Jasti)
Synthesis of Polycyclic Aromatics for the use as High Performance Electronic Materials
sandersCollSpeakerSpring2012February 13
Professor David Sanders
Purdue University
(Host: Karen Allen)
The Arsenate-Bacteria Hoax: Ethical Responsibilities of Authors, Publishers, the Media, and the Scientific Community
barbasCollSpeakerSpring2012February 27
Professor Carlos Barbas
The Scripps Research Institute
(Host: BUYCC)
Enamine Chemistry and Beyond: Enzymes, Organocatalysis, and New Therapeutic Approaches
TrakselisColloquiumSpeakerSpring2012March 5
Professor Michael Trakselis
University of Pittsburgh
Protein Complex Assemblies and Activities at the DNA Replication Fork
l_millerCollSpeakerSpring2012March 19
Prof. Lawrence Miller
University of Illinois at Chicago
(Host: Karen Allen)
Lanthanide probes for imaging and analysis of protein-protein interactions
TakenakaCollSpeakerSpring2012March 26
Professor Norito Takenaka
University of Miami
(Host: Scott Schaus)
Asymmetric Catalysis with Helical-Chiral Pyridines
DoyleCollSpeakerSpring2012April 2
Professor Abigail Doyle
Princeton University
(Host: Scott Schaus)
New Approaches to C-F and C-C Bond Formation by Transition Metal Catalysis
zhangCollSpeakerSpring2012April 9
Professor Liming Zhang
University of California Santa Barbara
(Host: Pinghua Liu)
Accessing α-Oxo/Imino Gold Carbenes via Gold-Catalyzed Alkyne Oxidation: A Non-Diazo Approach 



PrattCollSpeakerSpring2012April 23
Professor Derek Pratt
University of Ottawa
(Host: Corey Stephenson)
The Chemistry of Radical-Trapping Antioxidants: Are Phenols Really Best
UCI SailingApril 27 (Friday)
Lambert Lecture

Professor Larry Overman
University of California Irvine
(Host: John Porco)
Recent Studies in Stereoselective Synthesis of Bioactive Heterocycles

Fall_2012_Colloquium_Zysman-Colman_mugshot_September 10
Professor Eli Zysman-Colman
University of Sherbrooke
(Host: Corey Stephenson)
Illuminating Iridium: From Visual Displays to Solar Cells
Fall2012Colloquium_ChadMirkinSeptember 24
Professor Chad A. Mirkin
Northwestern University
(Host: BUYCC)
Spherical Nucleic Acid (SNA) Nanostructures: Establishing a New Paradigm in Materials Synthesis, Molecular Diagnostics, and Intracellular Gene Regulation
Fall2012Colloquium_Jerome WaserOctober 1
Professor Jerome Waser
Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne
Metal-Catalyzed Electrophilic Alkynylation and Annulation Reactions of Aminocyclopropanes
Fall2012Colloquium_KenSuslickOctober 15
Prof. Ken Suslick
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
(Host: Mark Grinstaff)
The Optoelectronic Nose: An Adventure in Molecular Recognition
Fall2012ColloquiumDavidSingelOctober 22
Professor David Singel
Montana State University
(Host: John Straub)
SNO-report: Protein S-nitrosylation in Redox Signaling
Fall2012Colloquium_MichaelhaleyOctober 29
Canceled due to Hurricane Sandy
Professor Michael Haley
University of Oregon
(Host: Ramesh Jasti)
It Takes Alkynes to Make a World: From Annulenes to Heterocycles
Fall2012Colloquium_RichardArmstrongNovember 5
Professor Richard Armstrong
Vanderbilt University
(Host: Karen Allen)



Fall2012Colloquium_RobertFlowersNovember 12
Professor Robert Flowers
University of Pittsburgh
(Host: Corey Stephenson)
Follow the Thread: Unraveling the Mechanism of Single-Electron Oxidation and Reduction in Important Synthetic Reactions
Fall2012Colloquium_Alex StarNovember 19
Professor Alexander Star
University of Pittsburgh
(Host: Larry Ziegler)
Assembly of metal nanoparticles and carbon nanostructures for chemical sensing and drug delivery applications
Fall2012Colloquium_ChristineThomasNovember 26
Professor Christine Thomas
Brandeis University
(Host: John Caradonna)
Metal-Metal Multiple Bonds In Early/Late Heterobimetallics: Small Molecule Activation and Catalytic Applications
Fall2012Colloquium_UttamTambarDecember 3 (Novartis Lecture)
Professor Uttam Tambar
UT Southwestern Medical Center
(Host: John Porco)
Catalytic Asymmetric Molecular Rearrangements