Monday Colloquium Series – 2014-2015

Colloquia seminars are held on Mondays (unless otherwise noted) in the Metcalf Science Center Building, Rm 113 beginning at 4:00 p.m. A reception (with light refreshments) precedes each talk, beginning at 3:30 p.m., in the lounge area outside. The lectures are open to everyone in the Department, including undergraduates, as well as the general public.

Colloquium Chair: Professor James S. Panek
Colloquium Speaker Series Coordinator: Kevin Schwartz

Spring 2015 Speakers

weerapana_Spring2015_ColloquiumFebruary 2
Professor Eranthie Weerapana
Boston College
(Host: Karen Allen)
Chemical-proteomic strategies to investigate reactive cysteines


guangbin_Spring2015_ColloquiumFebruary 9 (Novartis Lecture)
Professor Guangbin Dong
University of Texas at Austin
(Host: John Porco)
C–C and C–H Functionalization Based on Common Functional Groups

Krebs_Spring2015_ColloquiumFebruary 23
Professor Carsten Krebs
Penn State University
(Host: Sean Elliott)
Mechanism of oxygen activation by cyanobacterial aldehyde-deformylating oxygenase
70239-sokolovMarch 2
Professor Konstantin Sokolov
University of Texas at Austin
(Host: Bjoern Reinhard)
Clinical translation of plasmonic nanosensors: design, synthesis and applications
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMarch 16 (Abbvie Lecture) 
Professor Xiang Wang
University of Colorado Boulder
(Host: John Porco)
Bio-Inspired Synthesis of Functional Molecules
Beratan_Spring2015_ColloquiumMarch 23
Professor David Beratan
Duke University
(Host: Ksenia Bravaya)
Does Evolution Care About Quantum Mechanics?  Electrons, Bioenergetics, and Life
heller_Spring2015_ColloquiumMarch 30
Professor Eric Heller
Harvard University
(Host: David Coker)
The Looming Battle over Raman Scattering in Graphene and Related Carbon Compounds: Chemistry vs. Physics Perspectives
wandlesss_Spring2015_ColloquiumApril 13
Professor Tom Wandless
Stanford University
(Host: Adrian Whitty)
A Novel Unfolded Protein Response Revealed by Chemical Biology
Bertozzi_Spring2015_ColloquiumApril 27 (Lambert Lecture)
Professor Carolyn Bertozzi
University of California, Berkeley
(Host: Adrian Whitty)
Bioorthogonal Chemistry for Glycoprofiling and Beyond
kujawinski_Spring2015_ColloquiumMay 4
Professor Elizabeth Kujawinski
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
(Host: Linda Doerrer)
Environmental Metabolomics: Earth Science from a Different Point of View
Laura_UMNMay 11
Professor Laura Gagliardi
University of Minnesota
(Host: BUWIC)

Fall 2014 Speakers

Willets_Fall2014_Colloquium (1)September 8
Professor Katherine Willets
University of Texas
(Host: Bjoern Reinhard)
Super-resolution imaging of plasmonic nanostructures
Whitty_2014SpringColloquiumSeriesSeptember 15
Professor Adrian Whitty
Boston University
(Host: Karen Allen)
Quantitative characterization of the activation and signaling mechanism of a receptor tyrosine kinase
Dong_Fall2014_ColloquiumSeptember 29 (POSTPONED)
Professor Guangbin Dong
University of Texas at Austin
(Host: Pinghua Liu)
C–C and C–H Functionalization Based on Common Functional Groups
Gray_Fall2014_Collloquium (3)October 6
Professor Nathaniel Gray
Harvard University
(Host: Aaron Beeler)
Developing Covalent Inhibitors of Her3, KRAS and CDK7
schwarz_Fall2014_Colloquium (1)October 17(Friday)
Professor Helmut Schwarz
Technische Universität Berlin
(Host: Linda Doerrer)
Activation of Methane: A Cold Approach to a Hot Problem
Gellman_Fall2014_ColloquiumOctober 20
Professor Sam Gellman
University of Wisconsin-Madison
(Host: Mark Grinstaff)
Mimicry of Natural Polypeptides with Unnatural Oligomers and Polymers

Massi_Fall2014_Colloquium (1)October 27
Professor Francesca Massi
UMass Medical Center
(Host: John Straubi)
hedstrom_Fall2014_Colloquium (1)November 3
Professor Lizbeth Hedstrom
Brandeis University
(Host: Karen Allen)
‘Drugging’ a prokaryotic target in an eukaryotic pathogen
Rosi_Fall2014_Colloquium (1)November 10
Professor Nathaniel Rosi
University of Pittsburgh
(Host: Bjoern Reinhard)
Beaudry_Fall2014_ColloquiumNovember 17
Professor Chris Beaudry
Oregon State University
(Host: Aaron Beeler)
Synthesis of Natural Products with Conformational Chirality
Berry_Fall2014_ColloquiumNovember 24
Professor John Berry
University of Wisconsin at Madison
(Host: Linda Doerrer)
Adventures in Non-Classical Coordination Chemistry
Cierpicki_Fall2014_ColloquiumDecember 1
Professor Tomek Cierpicki
University of Michigan
(Host: Adrian Whitty)
Development of protein-protein interaction inhibitors for epigenetic targets