Chemical Biology Student Seminars – 2008


Feb 20 Dr. Jesse W. Karr, Postdoctoral Faculty Fellow

Copper(II) and the Amyloid-beta Peptide of Alzheimer’s Disease

Mar 3 Lynell Skewis, Reinhard Group

Plasmonic Probe Development and Single-Molecule Biological Applications

Mar 12 Raeanne L. Napoleon, Keyes Group

Polarizable Molecular Electrostatic Model, with Applications to Protein-Ligand Binding and Spectroscope

Mar 19 Pat Cappillino, Caradonna Group

Iron compounds with fac-N2O1, cis-N2O2and N2O3donor ligands: Structural and reactivity models of mononuclear non-heme iron oxygenase active site

Mar 26 Lisa Christadore, Schaus Group

Hydrogel Microarrays to Detect Protein Interactions

Apr 22 Steve Parker, Tullius Group

Identifying Evolutionarily Constrained Genomic Regions Using DNA Structural Information

May 28 Dan Bak

A reductive coupling mechanism involved in NifS-mediated [4Fe-4S] cluster assembly on the scaffold protein, NifU

Jul 16 Clinton Becker, Elliott Group

Using Protein Film Voltammetry to Investigate Cytochrome c Peroxidase fromE. coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Aug 6 Melissa Dominguez, Schaus Group

Investigating the Mode of Action for Leucascandrolide A and (+)-Neopeltolide Using Expression Profiling and Gene Networks


Sep 10 Gerard Rowe , Caradonna Group

Challenging the Current Paradigm of Oxygenation of Organic Molecules in Biological Systems Using Iron: A Narrative Told From the Perspective of Hegemonic Small Molecules