Chemical Biology Student Seminars – 2007


February 14

Patrick Capillino , Caradonna Group

“Synthesis, Characterization and Reactivity of Small Molecule Models of Nonheme Iron Oxygenase Enzymes “

February 28

Jen Goss, Schaus Group

“The Asymmetric Biginelli Reaction and Application to Biologically Active Compounds”

March 21

Mary Golden , Georgiadis Group

“Use of Angle Resolved Surface Plasm Resonance Imaging for the Characterization of Small Molecule Induced Protein-Protein Disruption Activity”

March 28

Gulbenk Anarat, Caradonna Group

“Spectroscopic and Mechanistic Characterization of Phenylalanine Hydroxylase Active Site Environment “

March 29

Mike Hamill , Elliott Group (6:00 pm)

“Electron Transfer of Flavoproteins”

Paul Tarves, Caradonna Group (6:30 pm)

“Olefin Epoxidation and Stopped Flow Kinetics of Binuclear Non-Heme Iron Model Systems”

April 4

Abby Oelker, Grinstaff Group

“Characterization of Poly(2-hydroxyethyl Methacrylate) Hydrogels for Corneal Grafts”

April 11

Alicia Hitchcock, Zaia Group

“Comparative Glycomics of Connective Tissue Glycosaminoglycans using Mass Spectrometry”

April 18

Clinton Becker, Elliott Group

“Multi-heme Peroxidases: Examining Cytochrome C Peroxidases from E. Coli and P. Aeruginosa”

April 25

Jason Cournoyer, Costello Group

“Differentiation and Relative Quantitation of Isoaspartyl and Aspartyl Residues, Resulting from Protein Deamidation, Using Electron Capture Dissociation in a Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometer”

May 2

Su Pulcu, Elliott Group

“Direct Electrochemistry of Multiheme Proteins”

May 16

Wayne Lo, Armstrong Group (Boston College)

“Photosystem II Synthetic Modeling Using Ligand Exchange Reactions”


September 19


Bing Xia, Jones Group

Methods, Reporters and Devices for Real-Time Fluorescent Detection and Categorization of ‘Unknown’ Environmental Pathogens

October 3

Amal Ting, Schaus Group

The Asymmetric Biginelli Reaction and Application to Biologically Active Compounds

November 7

Mackenzie Firer-Sherwood, Elliott Group

Direct Electrochemistry of Multiheme Cytochromes in Shewanella oneidensis MR-1

November 14

Yann Tambouret, Coker Group**

Conical Intersections as Photochemical Transition States

November 28


Lina Chen, Coker Group

Facing the Challenge: Applications of Linearized Path Integral Method to Multidimensional Systems

December 12


Swapan Jain, Tullius Group**

Driving Assembly of Nucleic Acids Using Small Molecule Interactions