Chemical Biology Student Seminars – 2006


February 22

Corina Peritore

Caradonna Group

“A Comparative Analysis of the Aromatic Amino Acid Hydroxylases:  Phenylalanine and Tryptophan Hydroxylase”

February 27

(Special day:  Tuesday.  Same time/same place)

Breia Lewis

Caradonna Group

“Investigation into the Kinetic Mechanism and Characterization of the Active Site of PAH”

March 8

SuzAnn Hertzler

Caradonna Group

“Spectroscopic characterization of select mechanistic mutant of phenylalanine  hydroxylase”

March 15

Erin Eastwood
Schaus Group

“A Chemical genomic approach towards determining the molecular target of anti-proliferative compounds”

March 22

Clinter Becker

Elliott Group

“The potential third heme binding site of cytochrome c.  peroxidase from E. coli”

April 5

Bo Xie

Costello Group (Medical Campus)

“Characterization of glycoproteins by mass spectroscopy”

April 12

Yan Jiang

Costello Group (Medical Campus)

“A mass spectrometry study of amyloidogenic immunoglobulin light chains”

April 19

Lee Johnson
Panek Group

“Scifinder: Using the tools the ACS gave you to pass Cumes and Accumulate Information”


September 27


Gerard Rowe, Caradonna Group

Title: “Slowing Reactions to a Crawl: Monitoring Intermediates in the Catalytic Cycle of a Powerful Oxidation Catalyst”

October 11

Larry Luchsinger, Liu Group

Title: “Histone Post-Tranlational Modification: Theory and Research Directions”

October 25

Erin Eastwood, Schaus Group

Title: “A Chemical Genomics Approach towards Determining the Molecular Target of Anti-Proliferative Compounds”

November 15

Abby Oelker, Grinstaff Group

Title: “Technical Writing and Data Presentation”/p>

November 29


Stacy Rodgen, Schaus Group

Title: “Natural product inhibitors of Protein tyrosine kinases”

December 13

Julia Reummle, Georgiadis Group

Title: “Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging : An
Overview & An Application”