X-ray Sample Submission Form

Please use this form to submit samples for analysis by the X-ray Lab staff. Your Principal Investigator will receive an email notification, and when the PI’s approval is received, the sample will be placed in the queue. You will then receive notification of the approximate date scheduled for your analysis. Crystal samples should be brought to Jeff Bacon in SCI 286.

X-ray Submission Form

  • Please see the Rates page for more information.
  • If your species is an ion, also indicate all possible counterions.
  • Please indicate the methods used to purify the compound and the estimated purity, including enantiopurity for chiral compounds.
  • Accepted file types: cdx, doc, pdf.
    Please upload a file depicting the structure you expect, including stereochemistry where appropriate.
  • Describe what properties of the sample you seek to understand (stereochemistry, bond lengths, etc.)
  • Air-, water- or light-sensitivity or other limitations on handling or storing the material. IDENTIFY ANY HAZARDS HERE!