Facilities and Resources

In the CIC


Chemical Instrumentation Center (CIC)
The CIC is a 5,500 sq.-ft. facility located in the basement of the Metcalf Center for Science and Engineering. Researchers have 24-hour access, 365 days a year, upon completion of instrument training.  The CIC site provides a detailed overview of the Department of Chemistry’s extensive research and teaching instrumentation resources.

Computational Resources
Members of the Department of Chemistry have access to a broad range of computational resources, including university-wide, departmental, and individual research group resources.

DJ-UV-vis_000Additional Instrumentation
Boston University offers a wide array of additional research instrumentation and resources located in individual departmental research groups, affiliated research centers, and university institutes.

Mugar Library

Mugar Library

Boston University Library Resources
The Boston University Libraries offer a variety of resources and service to support scholarly research. Of particular interest to researchers in the Department of Chemistry are the collections and support offered through the Science and Engineering Library, the Electronic Resources, including SciFinder Scholar and the Web of Knowledge, and the Boston University Library Web Catalog.