Program Profiles


  • Benjy Cooper

    Research group: Grinstaff Group

    • Research: Benjy is developing polymeric biomaterials to restore lubrication and compressive strength to osteoarthritic cartilage.

    • Aspirations: Interested in a career in which he can both investigate polymer fundamentals, as well as contribute to medical device development.

    • Fun Fact: Enjoys playing ultimate Frisbee, listening to gospel music, and cooking Russian food with his wife, Sofya.

  • Greg Ng Pack

    Research group: Ziegler Group

    • Research: Greg uses ultrafast 2D-IR spectroscopy to study the solvation dynamics of supercritical solutions on the femtosecond to picosecond timescale.

    • Aspirations: To understand the world more deeply through developing and applying new optical approaches for experimental analysis of chemical systems that can impact society.

    • Fun Fact: Enjoys graphic design; in fact, Greg designed the BU Chemistry department logo.

  • Ariel Hyre

    Research group: Doerrer Group

    • Research: Ariel’s research involves work on water oxidation, 1-D molecular nanowire synthesis, and production of nanoparticles for magnetic contrast imaging.

    • Aspirations: Plans to continue working towards a sustainable future by conducting both research and political outreach.

    • Fun Fact: Minored in Political Science to learn about public policies related to the environment.



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