Financial Support

All students who have applied for financial aid and are admitted to our PhD program are guaranteed 12 months of financial support, which includes a living stipend, full tuition and health insurance coverage. Most first-year students are supported on Teaching Fellowships. A select few first-year students may be offered Research Assistantships or merit-based fellowships.

Generally, after the second year, graduate students work as Research Assistants. Support for these positions comes from grants awarded by government agencies or corporations for specific research projects carried out by individual faculty members. Again, a smaller subset of students are supported on merit-based fellowships.

Special Fellowships & Scholarships

Students are eligible to apply for several special awards sponsored by internal programs, government agencies, private organization, and industry,  which can provide alternative support to the Research Assistantship or Teaching Fellowship. Some of the fellowships that have been awarded to BU Chemistry students include:

Travel Awards

The Department also provides funds for a student-organized seminar series and offers travel grants, via a special endowment, to graduate students for the purpose of attending and presenting papers at national and international meetings. We encourage such activities and consider presentations at professional meetings to be an essential part of a graduate student’s education and professional development.