Applying to the Graduate Program

All students applying to the Chemistry graduate program must complete the Boston University Graduate School of Arts & Sciences (GRS) Application. Please thoroughly review the GRS application website. Below is a summary of key points.

For information about the BA/MA program, please click here.


  • We strongly recommend that you submit your application well before the deadline (December 19, 2016). Click here to be directed to the electronic version of the application.
  • Indicate your concentration on your application in the designated field.  BU Chemistry focuses on five major areas of research; we ask that you indicate the one that best fits your interests. Please indicate whether you are interested in the following:

If you are interested in interdisciplinary study, please make sure to list a secondary concentration, and/or explain your interest in your personal statement.

Note: Applications will be assessed on the basis of the concentration indicated. During your first semester at BU, you may request to change your concentration. At that point, your credentials will be reviewed again, and your request will be granted or denied, based on the evaluator’s determination of your suitability for the new concentration.


  • Request at least three recommendations.  Recommendations should be submitted through the online recommendation system.  However, if one of your recommenders does not have internet access, then the paper recommendation form may be submitted through the mail.
  • Recommendations submitted on official letterhead are strongly preferred.
  • Applicants who use the online application can check the status of their online recommendations by logging into their application and checking the recommender tab.

Test Scores

  • Contact ETS and request an official copy of your GRE results (and TOEFL for international students) to be sent to:

Institution code 3087

  • The GRE subject test is strongly recommended, but it is not required.
  • Unofficial copies of test results will not be accepted.


  • Contact all previous colleges/universities and request that official transcripts be sent to: Graduate School of Arts & Sciences Admissions Office
    705 Commonwealth Avenue
    Suite 112
    Boston, MA 02215
  • Photocopies of transcripts will not be accepted.

Personal Statement

  • Personal statements should be no longer than one page.
  • Include an explanation as to why you believe BU Chemistry is a fit for your research interests.

For International Students

With your application, please make sure to send:

  • Certified English translations of all transcripts and academic records.
  • Official results of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) sent to institution code 3087.

Click here to be directed to instructions and downloadable forms.

The TOEFL requirement is waived only if you have received, or expect to receive, an undergraduate or graduate degree from a college or university in any of the following countries prior to enrollment in the GRS in the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, or Ireland.

In addition to the TOEFL, the IELTS is also accepted as proof of English proficiency. The band score of 7.0 is the minimum required for admission to the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences.