Research, Teaching, and Service Awards

Lichtin Award for Excellence in Research: This award was established in honor of Norman Lichtin, a distinguished research scientist and former Chair of the Chemistry Department. The award recognizes students that are distinguished by their exceptional contributions to chemical research in their doctoral studies. The award is a cash prize of $1,000. The 2010/2011 Lichtin Award for Excellence in Research recipient is Jude Schneck (Ziegler Group).

Huo, PengfeiSugata Ray Memorial Award for International Students: This award was established by the Ray family in memory of their son, Sugata Ray, a former graduate student in the Chemistry Department, to recognize an international Ph.D. candidate each year who excels in his or her graduate studies. Research, academic performance, teaching, and service contributions to the Department are all considered in selection of the awardee. The award is a cash prize of $1,500. The 2010/2011 Sugata Ray Memorial Award recipient is Pengfei Huo (Coker Group).

Cong, HuanFeldman Award: The Feldman Fund was established by the Feldman family to memorialize Julius Feldman, who served for many years as Associate Chairman of the Chemistry Department and who took a special interest in the welfare of graduate students. The Feldman Award recognizes outstanding accomplishments in research, teaching or service. The award is a cash prize of $1,000. The recipient of the 2010/2011 Feldman Award is Huan Cong of the Porco Research Group.

Feldman Fund Graduate Travel Award: The Feldman Fund provides financial assistance to graduate students to attend scientific meetings in order to present their research work. Students wishing to apply for Feldman travel money should contact the Director of Graduate Studies with details of their research travel proposal.

Teaching Awards

Department of Chemistry, Outstanding Teaching Fellow: This award is issued each May to the academic year’s outstanding Teaching Fellow, in recognition of excellence and innovation in teaching. The 2009/2010 Outstanding Teaching Fellows are:   Gulbenk Anarat (Caradonna Group); Robert Azad (Tullius Group); Daniel Montemayor (Coker Group); Fred Baddour (Doerrer Group); Shaun Cote (Whitty Group); Chunhui Dai (Stephenson Group); Katie Ellis (Elliott Group); Lorenzo Finci (Allen Group); Lanita Gaworski (Jasti Group); Anais Gervais (Porco Group); Lauren Gregor (Caradonna Group); Jonah Kaplan (Grinstaff Group); Jihoon Lee (Panek Group); Yi Luan (Schaus Group); Andrew Lynch (Allen Group); Zhiyuan Ma (Snyder Group); Yi Pu (Panek Group); Daniele Ramella (Schaus Group); Sarah Soltau (Caradonna Group); Sarah Stidham (Grinstaff Group)

Soltau, SarahGraduate School, Outstanding Teaching Fellow: This award, issued at the College level by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, rewards outstanding teaching achievements. The Chemistry 2010/2011 Graduate School Outstanding Teaching Fellow is Sarah Soltau (Caradonna Group).

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