Graduate Program in BU Chemistry

The Chemistry Department at Bostonsamlo University offers research activities in the major areas of investigations of molecular science:

The research interests and activities of the Boston University Chemistry Department faculty demonstrate that the current focus and goals of the science of “Chemistry” now embrace a much broader range of problem solving areas than ever before. Consequently, we strongly encourage interdisciplinary research projects and activities in pursuit of a Ph.D. beyond the more traditionally defined disciplines of Chemistry. Our Chemistry graduate students have the opportunity to participate in projects in collaboration with faculty in the following related programs and centers:

Such cross disciplinary activities are encouraged as we prepare our students for careers in science, particularly at these interdisciplinary borders.

The department currently consists of 26 tenure-track faculty members and about 100 graduate students. We occupy six floors of research and teaching laboratory space in the Arthur G.B. Metcalf Science Center which is adjacent to the Departments of Physics and Biology. Additional laboratory space for chemistry faculty is also located in the Life Science and Engineering Building and the Boston University Photonics Research Center. These facilities house some of the most advanced instrumentation for chemical research in the Boston area.
Prof. John Porco and Graduate Student Ji Qi
The typical faculty-led research group consists of 3-6 graduates students, 1-2 postdoctoral research associates, and 1-2 undergraduate researchers – a size small enough to allow ready accessibility to the faculty advisor, yet large enough to create a stimulating atmosphere.

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Further Information

Information on faculty research interests, facilities, degree requirements and graduate student support are available from the categories listed on the Department’s home page. Contact us with further questions regarding any aspects of our graduate program and do not hesitate to contact individual faculty regarding their research activities or research plans.