Current PFFs

James CarolanCarolan


Dr. James Carolan joined the PFF program in 2015. He is currently helping teach CH421 with Prof. Deborah Perlstein and Prof. Dean Tolan, while also conducting research with Prof. Karen Allen, focusing on using structural approaches to studying interesting protein-protein interactions. Dr. Carolan earned his PhD in chemical biology from the University of Michigan, conducting work on the design and characterization of novel-acting glucocorticoids with Prof. Anna Mapp.


Christopher KotykKotyk


Dr. Christopher Kotyk joined the PFF Program in the Fall of 2015. He is currently teaching CH171, Principles of General Chemistry, with Dr. Allison Lamanna. He received his Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of California Irvine in 2015 working with Professor William J. Evans. Chris’ Ph.D. research at UCI focused on expanding the synthetic aspects of redox and mechanical organometallic chemistry of rare earth complexes. At BU, Chris is working with Professor Linda H. Doerrer, conducting research into the design of fluorinated ligands for small molecule activation with first-row transition metals.


William Tucker



Dr. William Tucker joined the PFF Program in Fall 2015. Dr. Tucker has co-taught both CH203 (Organic I) with Dr. Rubio and Prof. Jeffries-El and CH204 (Organic II) with Prof. Beeler and Prof. Vegas. While at BU he has also worked to modify some of the CH203/204 laboratory experiments. Dr. Tucker and Dr. McNeely have worked to expand the implementation and use of computational chemistry in the curriculum. Dr. Tucker received his Ph.D. in organic chemistry from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2015 working with Professor Sandro Mecozzi. William’s Ph.D. research focused on the synthesis and characterization of semi-fluorinated surfactants for drug delivery. At BU, William is conducting research into the mechanism of action of and the preparation of a flow system for a non-heme iron complex with Professor John Caradonna.


Kristina Streu



Dr. Kristina Streu joined the PFF program in 2016. She is currently teaching and developing CH303, Instrumental Analysis Laboratory, with Professor Rosina Georgiadis, while also conducting research with Professor Adrian Whitty, focusing on using computational approaches to study protein-protein interactions. She received her Ph.D. in physical chemistry from Boston College in 2016 working with Professor Udayan Mohanty on structure, thermodynamic, and dynamical properties of modified DNA oligomers, RNA-Mg2+ interactions, stapled peptide-protein binding interactions, and glass-forming liquids.