Professor Larry ZieglerOur department has long been recognized for excellence in research and training at the undergraduate and graduate levels. We are dedicated to providing fundamental education in the chemical sciences, which exposes our students to the outstanding current questions in chemical research. We are also committed to  careful mentorship of our undergraduate majors, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows, which will serve them well as they enter careers in chemical research, medicine, law, or education.

Our research programs extend from traditional to emerging areas of “molecular science,” including synthesis, catalysis, chemical biology, materials, and energy science. The projects are distinguished by a focus on the development of new methodologies, including novel approaches to chemical synthesis, new techniques in chemical analysis, and construction of powerful algorithms in computational science. Our programs address many current challenges in chemical research, including generating novel materials, exploring the role of metals in biology, pioneering new approaches  to drug and vaccines development, creating increasingly accurate simulations of molecular dynamics, and investigating chemical dynamics at the level of the single molecule.

The research and teaching in the department and our location in one of the world’s leading research areas, put us at the forefront of developments in cross disciplinary research. This fact is reflected by the key roles played by our faculty in many interdisciplinary initiatives, including the Center for Chemical Methodology and Library Development; Photonics Research Center; Bioinformatics Program; Center for Computational Science; the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Program, and the College’s Core Curriculum.

I encourage you to learn about us by exploring this site, by contacting us electronically, or by arranging to visit our Department.

My best wishes,

Lawrence Ziegler
Professor and Chair