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Laursen Fund Halfway to Goal

July 21st, 2011 in Alumni, Front Page, Fundraising, Laursen, Richard

Professor Richard Laursen Then Professor Richard Laursen Now

Professor Richard Laursen Then & Now

When Professor Emeritus Richard Laursen retired in 2009, his students and colleagues wanted to recognize his 43 years of excellent research, teaching, and mentoring by establishing the Laursen Fund in his honor. The goal is to raise $100,000.  We are now halfway to meeting that goal.

Led by Chemistry alumnus Luis Ruzo (CAS 1970), a former Laursen undergraduate, the fund will help provide an annual summer research stipend for a graduate or undergraduate student from candidates nominated by their advisors.

Known for his exceptional mentoring, Rich Laursen, who is still actively pursuing his research interests in Chemistry, would very much like to see the capital grow so that the interest can annually support the training and nurturing of exceptional young scientists.

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Help create the Undergraduate Center for Discovery Chemistry

May 20th, 2010 in Alumni, Front Page, Fundraising

Undergraduate Center for Discovery Chemistry Conceptualization

Undergraduate Center for Discovery Chemistry Conceptualization

The Center will provide the physical framework for a new curriculum dedicated to cultivating chemical intuition and encouraging independent investigation.  With this curriculum, we will be able to immerse students in the process of collaborative innovation and discovery.  To do so, we will need to provide them with advanced scientific instrumentation and integrated modern laboratory systems. Here is where we need your help.  To achieve our ambitious goal, we need to renovate 6000 square feet of space on the third floor of the Metcalf Center for Science and Engineering at a cost of $7 million.  To learn more about the project, please click here.  If you have questions or would like to make a donation, please contact Christopher Johnson in the Office of Development and Alumni Relations or if you wish to contact Chemistry directly, please contact Katinka Csigi.

If you can help us realize our dream, please know that you’re building more than a lab. You’re building the most innovative organic chemistry curriculum in Boston: as a Chemistry alumnus, that should make you very proud.