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Whitty Receives College’s Highest Advising Award

May 11th, 2011 in Award, Faculty, Front Page, Templeton Award, Whitty, Adrian

Professor Adrian Whitty

Professor Adrian Whitty

Professor Adrian Whitty has received a Templeton Award for Excellence in Student Advising in recognition of his strong and demonstrated commitment to the personal and academic development of his students. The award is presented each year at the College of Arts and Sciences Class Day ceremony.

In announcing the award, Dr. Steven Jarvi, Associate Dean for Student Academic Life, stated that the theme that emerged from the comments of Professor Whitty’s advisees is his sincerity and genuine interest in the well being of his students.

An international student commented that “he is from Europe, just like me, and he is interested in how my life is and how I’m adapting to America.” Another student mentioned that Professor Whitty “is the most kind-hearted and caring professor that I had the fortune to have class with.”

This 2011 award is the fourth time in a row that it has been conferred on a member of the Chemistry faculty. Previous winners have included, Sean Elliott (2008, an inaugural awardee), John Snyder (2009), and Binyomin Abrams (2010).

The Endowed Fund was established in 2008 with gifts from John and Josephine Templeton as a measure of their gratitude to the dedication shown by members of the Boston University faculty in the personal counseling, guidance, and advice they give to undergraduates.

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Chemistry Faculty Receive Boston University’s Top Teaching and Advising Awards

May 21st, 2010 in Award, Caradonna, John, Faculty, Front Page, Metcalf Award, Templeton Award

Professor John Caradonna

Professor John Caradonna

Boston University has again recognized Chemistry’s distinction in teaching and advising by conferring a 2010 Metcalf Award for Excellence in Teaching on Professor John Caradonna and the 2009/2010 Templeton Prize for Excellence in Student Advising on Dr. Binyomin Abrams.

Student’s have found John Caradonna’s teaching to be the most remarkable and enriching academic experience of their undergraduate careers. In “exit interviews” with graduating seniors, Professor Caradonna was consistently recognized as one of the most respected and valued faculty members in the Department of Chemistry.

When asked to recall their very best experiences as chemistry majors, many students named their time in his CH232 Inorganic Chemistry course as a truly inspiring educational experience. His contributions to Chemistry’s educational mission also include great teaching in first-year Chemistry courses and in graduate program, his work as a mentor to undergraduate and graduate research students, his strong voice for excellence and rigor in our academic programs, and his leadership as Director of Undergraduate Studies. John Caradonna is the fifth Chemistry faculty member to receive a Metcalf Award.

Previous recipients have included

To learn more about Professor Caradonna and his philosophy of teaching, please go to the article about him in  BU Today.

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John Snyder Receives the Templeton Prize

May 7th, 2009 in Award, Faculty, Front Page, Snyder, John, Teaching, Templeton Award

Snyder Recognized for Excellence in Student Advising

Professor John Synder

For the second year in a row, a member of the Chemistry faculty  has received the Templeton Prize for Excellence in Student Advising, the top undergraduate advising award given by the College of Arts and Sciences.

The 2009 recipient is Prof. John Snyder. Despite his busy schedule which involves teaching, research, and management of two NSF summer undergraduate research programs, this dedicated advisor and mentor is always available to meet with undergraduates. One student related that “Anytime I have a problem, personal or academic, Dr. Snyder was right there and took the time to give me advice and help. He even went out of his way to find me a scholarship for the summer so I could take two classes that I wouldn’t have been able to afford otherwise.”

Among many enthusiastic accolades, another student stated: “Being a freshman and ignorant of many aspects of college life, I had trouble adjusting. It was always my dream to enter graduate school one day. However, I really had no clue what to do to get there. I sought the advice of my professors, but Dr. Snyder really helped me the most. He would spend time to get to know me, understand what type of person I am, help me to learn where my strengths and abilities are, and to help me to discover which aspect of chemistry I was most passionate about. In doing so, I personally felt that Professor Snyder went the extra mile to be a part of my academic journey. It is professors like Dr. Snyder that make Boston University such a great school.”

May 2009

This news item has been adapted from the April 30, 2009, award announcement at the CAS Faculty Meeting. We thank the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs, Wayne Snyder, for sharing his citation.

Chemistry Faculty Receive Top Teaching and Advising Awards

November 1st, 2008 in Award, Caradonna, John, Elliott, Sean, Faculty, Gitner Award, Templeton Award

Professor Sean Elliott

Professor Sean Elliott

The Department of Chemistry prides itself on faculty who attain an admirable balance between their research and scholarship and their commitment to teaching and advising. Two of our faculty, Professor Sean Elliott and Professor John Caradonna, both renowned researchers, were singularly honored by the College of Arts and Sciences with undergraduate advising and teaching awards.

Sean Elliott received a 2008 Templeton Prize for Excellence in Student Advising. Student recommendations for Professor Elliott were notable for their length and enthusiasm, commenting on how he inspires students and “adds a personal touch to every appointment with his jokes and his clear and present attentiveness.”  Prof. Elliott is one of the inaugural recipients of this award, which was endowed by John and Josephine Templeton as a measure of their appreciation for the dedication of members of the Boston University faculty in advising, teaching, and nurturing undergraduates.

Professor John Caradonna

Professor John Caradonna

John Caradonna received the College of Arts and Sciences’ highest teaching award in 2008, the Gitner Award for Distinguished Teaching. The department’s exit interviews with the graduating majors of the class of 2008 listed him as among the top two professors in the department, and the majority picked his inorganic chemistry course as the very best experience of their undergraduate careers.  The Gitner Award for Distinguished Teaching is  given every year on Class Day to faculty members whose classroom leadership and student mentoring have been judged outstanding by their departments and by the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. The basis of the awards is excellent and distinguished teaching in the broadest sense, including classroom performance, course and curriculum development, advising, and enhancement of the scholarship of teaching and learning.

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