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Chemistry Faculty Receive Top Teaching and Advising Awards

November 1st, 2008 in Award, Caradonna, John, Elliott, Sean, Faculty, Gitner Award, Templeton Award

Professor Sean Elliott

Professor Sean Elliott

The Department of Chemistry prides itself on faculty who attain an admirable balance between their research and scholarship and their commitment to teaching and advising. Two of our faculty, Professor Sean Elliott and Professor John Caradonna, both renowned researchers, were singularly honored by the College of Arts and Sciences with undergraduate advising and teaching awards.

Sean Elliott received a 2008 Templeton Prize for Excellence in Student Advising. Student recommendations for Professor Elliott were notable for their length and enthusiasm, commenting on how he inspires students and “adds a personal touch to every appointment with his jokes and his clear and present attentiveness.”  Prof. Elliott is one of the inaugural recipients of this award, which was endowed by John and Josephine Templeton as a measure of their appreciation for the dedication of members of the Boston University faculty in advising, teaching, and nurturing undergraduates.

Professor John Caradonna

Professor John Caradonna

John Caradonna received the College of Arts and Sciences’ highest teaching award in 2008, the Gitner Award for Distinguished Teaching. The department’s exit interviews with the graduating majors of the class of 2008 listed him as among the top two professors in the department, and the majority picked his inorganic chemistry course as the very best experience of their undergraduate careers.  The Gitner Award for Distinguished Teaching is  given every year on Class Day to faculty members whose classroom leadership and student mentoring have been judged outstanding by their departments and by the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. The basis of the awards is excellent and distinguished teaching in the broadest sense, including classroom performance, course and curriculum development, advising, and enhancement of the scholarship of teaching and learning.

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Professor John Straub Awarded Gitner Award for Distinguished Teaching

April 13th, 2003 in Award, Faculty, Gitner Award, Straub, John, Teaching

Professor John Straub

Professor John Straub

College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) bestows three faculty teaching awards, including the Gitner Award for Distinguished Teaching. The recipients are selected by a committee comprised of associate deans, faculty, and students. On April 9, CAS Dean, Jeffrey J. Henderson, announced that the recipient of the 2003 Gitner Award is Professor John Straub. This is the first time it has been given to a member of the Department of Chemistry.

Professor Straub received the award in recognition of his dedication to improving academic programs in Chemistry and in the Core Curriculum. Teaching both undergraduate and advanced courses, his classes have always received the highest ratings from students who write comments such as:

“[Professor Staub] was passionate and funny, but most importantly he cared about us. I learned more in one of his lectures [in CH 101] than I did all last semester.”

An associate chairman of the Department of Chemistry, Professor Straub leads the Graduate Affairs Committee. He is also an internationally recognized researcher in the fields of theoretical and computational chemistry and biophysics. In addition to his work with undergraduates, Professor Straub is devoted to advancing the research and careers of his graduate students, many of whom have moved into prestigious positions in both academic and non-academic institutions.

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