Chemistry’s Achievements

ChemLabThe past decade has been extraordinary for BU Chemistry!

The creative research of our faculty advances interdisciplinary discovery and touches on the major societal challenges of our times — from drug discovery and understanding the origins of disease to energy generation and molecular electronics.   At the same time, these activities inform and help prepare the training of our excellent students – both undergraduate and graduate.  From fundamentals to cutting edge research results, our students are challenged and inspired in a supportive and interactive research and learning environment.

What has been the result of our commitment to excellence?

  • Graduates are sought after by industry, government, and academia  (Vertex, Novartis, AstraZeneca, Yale, Harvard, Berkeley, NIH, Lincoln Labs)
  • National awards to our faculty increase each year (NSF CAREER, Sloan Foundation, Dreyfus Foundation, Research Corporation)
  • Research receives increasing  support from  external agencies  (DOE, NSF, NIH, ACS PRF, American Cancer Society, Burroughs-Wellcome Fund)
  • Chemistry is at the center of interdisciplinary research and education on the Charles River Campus
  • Educate more than 4,500 students each year
  • Our faculty are at the core of the University’s major research initiatives in  nanoscience,  sensing,  materials,  synthesis and characterization of novel chemical scaffolds, and computation of complex system properties
  • Our students, the next generation of molecular scientists, explore the breadth of contemporary chemical science—from nanotechnology to drug discovery to advances in sensing