Arturo Vegas awarded 5 Year New Innovator Award from National Institute of Health

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September 26th, 2016


Dr. Arturo Vegas was awarded 5 years of research support from the National Institute of Health through the New Innovator Award for his proposal entitled “Targeted Immunomodulation of the Diabetic Islet Microenvironment.”

His interest in the project springs for the fact there are currently no effective treatments for the autoimmunity that causes type 1 diabetes. Generalized immunosuppressive therapies are impractical for long-term care, and there remains a critical need to develop targeted therapies to treat diabetes-causing autoimmunity. To address this important challenge to the treatment of type 1 diabetes, this research focuses on the development of novel islet-targeted conjugates, nanomaterials, and targeting ligands to localize immunosuppressive agents to the islet microenvironment and enable drug release upon the onset of islet inflammation.

Congratulations to Dr. Vegas and his research group! For more information about Dr. Vegas click here, and about his group click here!

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