Many Designs: One Winner

in Front Page, Research
March 21st, 2014

In the summer of 2013, the Chemistry Department held a competition for its members (graduate students, chemistry majors, postdocs, and staff) to submit graphic designs for a Departmental logo.  The winner would receive an iPad and have the satisfaction of knowing that his/her design would by a symbol used by the Department for many purposes, including the “welcome-to-the-department” T-shirts we give to all incoming graduate students and department visitors.   The challenging task of the “Logo Committee” was to choose among 25 great entries.  In the words of the committee chair, “who knew there was so much graphic design talent in the Department?”

In the end, the winning design was the one submitted by Gregory Ng Pack.  Greg, who is now a third-year graduate student, did his undergraduate work at the University of Chicago and came to BU to work with Professor Larry Ziegler.  For his project, he is using ultrafast two-dimensional infrared spectroscopy to study solvation dynamics in supercritical solutions.  Greg, shown in the picture below, is particularly interested in studying the molecular motions that occur near the critical point in solvents such as carbon dioxide and water.  The chemistry logo was actually Greg’s first experience with graphic design.  He said, “as I was reading the email for the logo contest, the idea immediately came to me:  I downloaded the trial version of Adobe Illustrator and just starting drawing it.” Great first try!