Symposium Highlights Undergraduate Research

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May 17th, 2013

The work of 22 students was spotlighted in this year’s day-long Undergraduate Research Symposium (URS).  The record number and outstanding quality of the projects presented underscored the importance of  the hands-on, challenging research that is the hallmark of BU’s Chemistry major. The even was organized by the Undergraduate Programs Committee with laudable efforts from Mr. Moneil Abu Speitan (the department’s undergraduate administrator).  The URS was first instituted in 1987 by then Director of Undergraduate Studies, and now Emeritus, Prof. Mort Hoffman, and has been a much anticipated, spring’s-end annual event ever since.  The Symposium is modeled along the lines of talks at an American Chemical Society (ACS) meeting:  12 minutes of presentation followed by 3 minutes of questions and discussion.  Capping the day was the announcement of the Departmental Awards, followed by a celebratory BBQ for the students, their faculty advisers, graduate mentors, and their guests.  To view URS photos, please click here.