Whitty Research Features in Recent News Stories

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November 27th, 2012

Professor Adrian WhittyThe work of Prof. Adrian Whitty has recently been receiving attention from outside news sources.  Following its September conference, “Innovation in Drug Discovery and Development Summit:  Macrocycles and Constrained Peptides,” SciBX – Science-Business Exchange dedicated its November issue to an in-depth look at macrocyclic compounds in drug discovery, “Bringing macrocycles full circle.”  Prominently featured in the article is the work of Adrian Whitty and his colleagues concerning how to identify appropriate targets for macrocyclic inhibitors and on the development design rules for macrocycles with good drug properties.  The full article can be accessed here.

The Whitty group is also collaborating with Carmot Therapeutics (San Francisco, CA) in its SBIR grant from the National Cancer Institute.  The award’s aim, calling on the Whitty laboratory’s expertise in protein-protein interactions, is to use Carmot’s proprietary lead identification technology, “Chemotype Evolution,” to find inhibitors of the interaction between the key NF-κB signaling proteins, NEMO and IKK.  If successful, this approach could be applicable to protein-protein interaction targets in general.  To access the Carmot press release, please go here.

To see and hear Prof. Whitty describe his work, please go to the video of his interview with Dr. Keith Kostecka, the Chair of the Chicago Section of the American Chemical Society (June, 2011).  The interview can be viewed here.