Building Decorum

Marsh Chapel has beautiful wood carvings and pews, slate floors, and large stained glass windows. For this reason, many couples choose not to add decorative elements to the Chapel, but if you choose to do so, decorations should be kept at a minimum in order to preserve the beauty of the Chapel.

Marsh Chapel is unable to host wedding receptions of any kind.

Helpful Information:

  1. The Main Chapel seats 350 people.
  2. The Robinson Chapel (located in the basement of Marsh Chapel) seats 45 people.
  3. There are 17 rows of pews on each side of the Chapel.
  4. The aisle length is 85 feet. The wedding couple or florist should supply a runner of 100 ft. if so desired. The width of the aisle is about 5 feet 4 inches. Low-quality runners are not recommended—the aisle is stone and inexpensive runners can be treacherous.
  5. There is a handicapped lift located under a portico outside Marsh Chapel. However, there is no convenient restroom on the main floor, and no handicapped access to the lower level of the Chapel.
  6. The Chapel can provide a unity candle holder. The wedding couple must provide the one unity pillar candle and two taper candles themselves.
  7. The Chapel can provide a kneeler.
  8. There is a room downstairs in which the wedding party may wait prior to the Ceremony.


A fine of $100.00 for custodial services will be levied if these regulations are ignored. Please inform your guests of these rules.

  1. The location of the pews, grand piano, and altar may not be changed.
  2. Flower arrangements may not be places on the altar table or piano. If pedestals are needed for flower arrangements, the wedding couple or a florist needs to provide them and remove them promptly after the ceremony ends.
  3. Adhesive tape and tacks may not be used to hang pew markers or ribbons.
  4. Rice, bird seed, and confetti may not be thrown in the Chapel or outside of the Chapel.
  5. Doves or butterflies may not be released inside or outside of the Chapel.
  6. Rose petals may not be thrown in front of the Chapel, but, at the discretion of the Wedding Director, a small hand full may be sprinkled along the aisle during the processional.
  7. Bubbles may not be blown in the Chapel, but they may be blown in front of the Chapel.

A Wedding Director will be present during the rehearsal and the ceremony to answer your questions. Should you have questions before the rehearsal, feel free to email the Wedding Director at