Funerals and Memorial Services

rosewindowThe Dean and staff of Marsh Chapel are available for guidance and support for those who have suffered a loss in their family. Marsh Chapel is available for memorial or funeral services for staff, alumni, faculty and students. Those in need of pastoral leadership for memorial and funeral services should contact the Chapel Director, Mr. Ray Bouchard (617-358-3390) to discuss arrangements. The Chapel does not normally host memorials or funerals for non-BU affiliated persons.

A family member will meet with the Chapel Director in the week prior to the service to discuss liturgy, participants, music, and other logistical considerations in order to provide the most gracious, dignified and personal service possible.  The general structure includes time for prayer and reflections. Most services last 30 to 45 minutes.

The Chapel staff will help in the planning process, but the families should already have discussed their desires prior to meeting with the Chapel. Here are things to consider in the planning process:

Speakers: In most cases, it is suggested that 2-3 remembrances of 5 minutes each, written out in advance, be included in the memorial service or funeral.

Program: Orders of worship and programs from past services are available through the director for reference. The Chapel can only provide basic black and white printing services, and a simple template.

Register and other supplies: Families are encouraged to provide and bring a guest register for use prior to the service.

Music: Music for memorial services and funerals can be coordinated through the Chapel Director, Mr. Ray Bouchard, and the Director of Music, Dr. Scott Allen Jarrett.

Reception: There are University spaces nearby for gathering and refreshment following the service, such as the Castle, Barrister’s Hall at the Law School, and the Photonics Center. The Marsh Chapel staff can facilitate contact with these venues.

Fees: Use of space:  $500 for staff, faculty and students; $1,000 for alumni.  Funeral Coordinator:  $250.  Organist:  $250.  Clergy honorarium:  $500.  Fees should be paid 48 hours prior to the service itself. All fees are suggested fees and may be waved at the discretion of the Dean.