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Summer Devotional 2020

Transformed: How to Respond Instead of Retreat

In 2020, it is easy to feel as though the world had devolved into chaos. Between a record-breaking pandemic, tumultuous national politics, addressing centuries of racism and racist policies, structures and global protests, society seems to be cresting to a moment that demands transformation, both systemic and interpersonal. But what does it really mean to be transformed? Through this weekly devotional series, we hope to provide some spiritual footing for embracing and responding to this moment of necessary reflection and transformation in our own lives and in the communities around us. Together, we can learn to view this historic moment as an opportunity that deserves careful response, even when fear tells us it might be safer or easier to retreat.

For the first time, Marsh Chapel is offering a summer devotional series entitled “Transformed: How to Respond Instead of Retreat.” In this 10-week series, we will explore themes in Christianity that can help us find new ways to respond in challenging situations. Devotionals containing a scripture passage, reflection, and learn/do more will be delivered to your inbox once a week on Wednesdays from July 1st – September 2nd.

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Dr. Jessica Chicka, University Chaplain for International Students

Chloe McLaughlin, Ministry Assistant for Global Ministry

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