Chapel, Ministry and Marsh Associates

Br. Larry Whitney, LC+ works with a team of associates to provide programmatic ministry, pastoral care, and community formation to the Boston University community. Most of their work falls under the Life Together section of this website. Associates exercise religious leadership across the university but are also entrusted with a particular constituency to nurture and develop. Chapel Associates are part time chaplains with significant experience and skill in ministry. Ministry Associates are completing the requirements for contextual education in the Boston University School of Theology. Marsh Associates are undergraduates at Boston University exploring ministry and vocation through practical experience in a ministry context. There are also Ministry Assistants who support the ministry department programmatically and administratively.

If you are interested in reading thoughts and reflections about vocation and ministry from members of the ministry department at Marsh Chapel, you can read the Marsh Chapel Vocation Blog!

Br. Lawrence Whitney, LC+ University Chaplain for Community Life 617-358-3392,
Ms. Jessica Chicka University Chaplain for International Students 617-358-3399,
Rev. Victoria Gaskell Chapel Associate for Methodist Students
Rev. Soren Hessler Chapel Associate for Leadership Development
Rev. Jen Quigley Chapel Associate for Vocational Discernment
Mr. Matthew Cron Marsh Associate
Mr. Devin Harvin Marsh Associate
Mr. Ian Quillen Marsh Associate
Mr. Nick Rodriguez Marsh Associate
Ms. Kasey Shultz Marsh Associate
Ms. Denise-Nicole Stone Marsh Associate