Religious Life

SORgraphicThere are more than 30 religious life groups at Boston University along with eight Universtiy Chaplains and over two dozen campus ministers. In addition, the interfaith council provides programmatic interaction among members of many religious traditions, focusing around a common value of service. We encourage you to get involved in a community that can provide strength and support during your transition into and throughout your time here at Boston University. You may get involved in a group that reflects a lifelong committment to a religious tradition, or you may get involved in a group that practices a faith you know virtually nothing about. Or, you may decide that the group for you has no connection to religion at all. Regardless, we hope you find such a community. To get a sense for the ways BU students practice their religious traditions, we hope you will check out the series of articles, published in BU Today and Bostonia entitled “How We Pray.” We hope you will also peruse the many religious life offerings available to you via the navigation bar to the right. Together, we seek common ground in the spirit of Howard Thurman.